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11:01AttackMND: Stephen Darby's Battle
AttackMND: Stephen Darby's BattleDitonton 31 rb5 hari yang lalu
8:20Inside Genk: Genk 1-4 Liverpool | The unseen footage
1:01LFC supports No Room For Racism campaign
LFC supports No Room For Racism campaignDitonton 61 rbBulan Yang lalu
7:33Klopp's post-match press conference | Southampton
6:54Inside Istanbul: Liverpool prepare for Super Cup Final


  • Trent and Curtis to do best scouse players

  • Ronaldo - the real and only one R9 - Il Fenomeno

  • صلاح

  • 6:08 Paul machin is in we catch you Paul 😂😂😂

  • Paulo Baier is the best brazilian player of all times!

  • For me el fenomeno iz the best ever

  • Mo Salah Mo Salah😂😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • R9 and R10 number 1 and 1A!!

  • Now he is best LB in the world

  • neymarrrrrrr

  • We all know the real goat divok origi

  • My dad was a barca supporter and i was like the first match WE ARE GONNA GET C OMEBACK and my dream came true YNWA

  • liverpool is te best club.

  • R9 #1

  • both are just mediocre brazillians

  • My favorite is Ronaldinho, but he's probably not 'the greatest' when you can talk about Pele, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Romario, Cafu etc lol

  • David N’goginho?

  • big I liverpool support I go want to Liverpool stadium old Trafford one day. YNWA INDONESIA FROM.

  • How is Roberto Carlos NOT on that list ? He is definitely not #1, but he should be in Top 5 ...

  • I think Neymar should be on the list

  • Ronaldo.... El fenomeno....

  • Liverpool is the best

  • R9 is the greatest Brazilian of all-time. Pele is slightly overrated but is definitely 2nd

  • 5) Ronaldinho 4) Romario 3) Ronaldo 2) Garrinchha 1) Pele

  • جميعنا نشعر بالفخر بكونك لاعب عربي و مسلم واسمك محمد وحقاً انت فخر لنا

  • Brazilians are (nearly) always smiling, good luck for the season.

  • نرجو من القناة اللفير ان تكون تا تراجم الكلام لل العربي وشكران 😘

  • Police..Your whole family have been blown up in a terror attack Virgil..Did it go BOOM

  • Pele wasnt the best player of any of the world cup he won and he got carried for all 3 to the win....he was great, but his teammates were better. The most overrated player ever, even being one of the best of all time he is still hugely overrated.

  • liverpool deserved it...thank u AGUERO for all these occasions missed...

  • Ox and brewster are hilarious together

  • Interesting who was more talented R9 or R10 , because R10 said :" I learned a lot from R9"

  • The best ever Brazilian player is Alexander trentinho

  • 2006 WC it's hard for my heart ,what a squad ufffff

  • 1:32 this is what you want

  • Totally agree

  • do one with wijnaldum and virgil!

  • van dijk did the woah

  • how did roberto carlos not get a wildcard i will never know!

  • It's impossible to choose best 11 Brazilians of all time,you need to make atleast two Best 11 because you can't left out so many Legendary players.

  • @Everyone, go and watch a film called 'city of god'. Brilliant film filmed in the favelas of Sao Paulo using locals as actors,so subtitled. Love it.

  • The best of the best is El phenomeno RONALDO Period.

  • I wish i could meet him

  • Liverpool the Best ❤💚💛

  • Where is Naby Keita?

  • This is probably the hardest job in football aside finishing top 4 with Man United

  • It’s great to see all the lads happy in training and working together as a team. Liverpool are the greatest club in the world, with the greatest fans and the greatest manager!!

  • I remember watching Ronaldinho in 2002 World Cup. When he played, he was like an artist painting with his brush (the ball) on a canvas (the pitch), all while with a big smile on his face. It was magical. He inspired a whole generation to play football with flair and creativity. I agree with Bobby, he should be number 2, only if Ronaldo wasn't that great as well!

  • The lads didn't consider KaKa

  • Fenomeno goat

  • Pelé is Exodia

  • 1. Pele 2. Ronaldo 3. Ronaldinho 4. Romario 5. Zico

  • Still amazes me the amount of people who dont sing while most people around them are! Imagine how much louder it would be if everyone got going.

  • First season CL final, second season CL champion. Third season CL and PL champion .

  • For me: 1-Pelé 2-Mané Garrincha(rivals) 3-Ronaldo 4-Romario 5-Gaucho 6-Zico 7-Rivaldo 8-Rivelino 9-Falcão 10-Careca

  • Ronaldinho is one of the greatest of all time but he didn't do much for select team,

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • The disrespect on Man United ahahahahah

  • Pelé is king. Romario is prince

  • Firmino monstro sagrado. Fabinho monstro sagrado. Liverpool te esperamos no mundial. Flamengo 3 x 0 Liverpool

  • Que difícil ser brasileño y escoger un top 5 de futbolistas de dicho país

  • Boum

  • Fabinho what a goal against Man City


  • "Mate, and the king?"

  • Played Leighton a year ago. He's good.

  • Incrível como os. Torcedores Na Europa Se Comporta e Respeita Bem Parabéns Um Minuto de Silêncio Geral Calado se fosse aqui no Brasil Nunca os torcedores Faria Isso Europa e outro nível

  • Biah

  • Hala king Mo.salah ♥♥🚀

  • Bit dissapointed they didn't have each other in that top 5

  • Deportivo vs Milan was a terrific comeback.

  • rivellino !!

  • اجمل حاجه عجبتني احترام الاطفال في الكلام والأسئلة والتربيه بضريقتهم المخجله وجمال طبيعتهم اتمناه اشوف اطفال مصر في الجمال ده

  • Coutinho 🤣🤣

  • Number 9 ~♪

  • My dad saw Garrincha play and to this day he says that for him he was the best dribbler and footballer.

  • I love Barazil

  • R9 True GOAT...

  • Romario should be on the list of top five

  • the respect of brazilians for pele is amazing.

  • Pele and Ronaldo I think...

  • Liverpool are sooooooo bad in 2015 and 2019

  • Such big club he look after his players even the former players family club You never walk alone

  • 6:15 Sign KDB and I'd bend the knee to everyone at the club.

  • common pool

  • In all seriousness, Kaka has to be a shout no?

  • the normal one

  • 1:47 perrie edwards just got extra horny

  • 1. Ronaldo R9 2. Pele 3. Ronaldino

  • 1. Pele 2. Zico 3. Rivaldo

  • Where is RC3

  • Its hard for brazil to Name the top 5 because they had so Many

  • 마네도 해줘

  • Firmino is the best Brazilian for me... Because he's Liverpool..YNWA

  • Where’s David Luiz ? 🤣

  • my opinion is not popular but for me Socrates was the greatest Brazilian player he was so beautiful on the ball

  • Com ctz n iam colocar o Pelé kkkkk alguém deve ter precionado kkkkk

  • 0:56 I laugh 😁

  • The way Robertson sprinted back after making it 1-1 knowing we could get a winner was class. Compare this to when that aresehole Lallana scored at Old Trafford and stood there posing like he had score a winner in a CL final.Mane had to grab him to get him to run back to get the game restarted.

  • Why you surprize chrismas this is a haram