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1:11:09Just Dance 2020 Launch Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
1:16:51Far Cry 5 Zombie Halloween Hangover | Ubisoft [NA]
1:20:40Ubisoft News Plays For Honor 9/25 | Ubisoft [NA]
1:11:57Ubisoft News Plays: Zombi LIVESTREAM 9/13 | Ubisoft [NA]
0:52Anno 1800: Botanica DLC Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
Anno 1800: Botanica DLC Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]Ditonton 33 rb2 bulan yang lalu
1:03:04Ubisoft News Plays: LIVESTREAM 9/6 | Ubisoft [NA]
1:06:56Ubisoft News Plays: LIVESTREAM 9/4 | Ubisoft [NA]
0:54Steep: Season 10 - Breakpoint Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  • I wonder, does kali still knock you down with rook armor?

  • Plsssss New BMW and Mercedes

  • Freaking OP 😑

  • Gnarly

  • I’ve always thought there should be another sniper

  • Hostage's crotch is a good spot.

  • TO OP both of them

  • Lamborghini centario 😈😈

  • It’s age restricted even tho is just capitão playing soccer

  • Finally, some female operators!

  • Malaysia?

  • When do we get to see Israeli operators?

  • Welp kali and blitz meta 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Well, who is glaz? Didn't he retire yet?

  • They just add awp in the game

  • I guess a defender would be op spawn peeking with a sniper rifle

  • Is that... Is that Frederick Douglass

  • kali is already op... i stop playin

  • the next fckn op character that will ruin the game lol

  • Is bostonbearjew still there?

  • lets hope they dont mess this one up like others recently released.

  • -Spawn- *TRAP*


  • Can already hear the nerf updates

  • rip glaz

  • Wamai is gonna be fun to screw around with. Put those things on the backs of stairs and other places they’re likely to be thrown from an land right back near the attacker

  • operation "we're still reusing guns so deal with it"

  • will have in PT-BR

  • will have in PT-BR

  • will have in PT-BR

  • will have in PT-BR

  • Release date?

  • Wait is test server out yet

  • New group: *Is a PMC* New attacker: *Has an underbarrel launcher* She's All You Need, apparently.

  • What was the release date?

  • **kali brings along wamai just to kill him** wamai: am I a joke to you?

  • Well done Bayek... well done Assasin(Hidden One)

  • I could already feel the amount of BANS for Kali..

  • Kali is 100 percent my new main I cant wait

  • This operator is going to get NERFED instantly

  • She literally rends Thatcher, glaz, and maybe even sledge obsolete. Can disable gadgets though walls not to mention blowing giant holes through MULTIPLE walls with penetration and breaking hatches. Don't even disregard the fact that one shot BODY shots are game breaking for high ranking players. Ubisoft is ripping off their own characters with newer ones instead of getting their undervalued ops back into recognition.

  • I said I’m was done with rainbow and I was for like 5 seasons but I love sniping so time to come back





  • I didn’t know this was cod

  • That’s lil Z from the movie “City of God”

  • Kali is just ash 2.0

  • I can't wait for Badger's video on these too

  • First clip 5 on each team one person dies 1v1

  • She fires lv shells dam didn’t know they sold those

  • Nerf pls

  • new maps please!

  • Kali: *exists* Glaz, Thacher, Ash, Zofia: “are we a joke to you”

  • Finnallllly an Indian operator

  • RIP Mira’s Old Voice Actress, “Peekaboo!” - Elena Alvarez 2017.

  • I played all the games of Assaassins Creed I m biggest fan of AC

  • What is thatcher?

  • What is glaz?

  • 2019 RIP glaz

  • 这货中文名字叫什么? 一股东厂太监的感觉哈哈哈哈

  • Well Kali is op for sure

  • It's okay Echo.. you can come out now. We found a new person to permanently ban every ranked/unranked game.

  • bye glaz

  • can attacker break plane windows?

  • Ubisoft finally saying they're serious with this series. I loved the first one to be honest, it has the similar feel to it as Arkham Asylum which is easily in my top 5 favourite games. Not very lonewolf kind of games these days. Someone is always in your characters ears and you depend on other characters very much. A very regular but effective protagonist. He started this whole movement of exploiting ctOS to "expose, protect and if necessary to punish" I think Ubisoft should pay tribute to Aiden Pearce as much as they do with Altair in every fucking AC series.

  • I will main capitao just because of his elite skin

  • when does it come out because i wasent liserning

  • 0:05 get wallbanged dumbass kid

  • Kali is 100% gonna be the next jackal in ranked(Always being banned)

  • omg i´m in love. whats her name please xD

  • What’s with some of the attackers having 120 health like I don’t see the timer to show its finka so have they got rid of the timer or what

  • Lol can't wait to hear people complain about instant kills this will be fun

  • I dunno about a defender having an Aug

  • bring this back 1 more time

  • I stopped playing rainbow 6 after season 2. When I have to pay for a new season pass constantly, your game ain't worth it no more. I bought the 120 dollar day 1 special Edition release because of my high hopes for the game and oh boy was I wrong thinking season pass meant length of content updates until the next game. You guys should make a motto fitting to your company Ubisoft "ripping you off one title at a time."

  • 1 week after release kali gets nerfed

  • Captain price comrade it is. I mean look at the beard

  • my type of operatora

  • Why aren't that making new guns or maps

  • I need a gadget to help me not get spawn kill

  • Kali exist: 9 year old rs6 players on yt: KALI TRICKSHOTING *NOT CLICKBAIT*

  • 2.2k templars

  • Basically glaz and jager but a bit better depending on how you look at it.

  • Wait how will friendly fire work with womai...

  • Interesting.... womai is interesting

  • Ubi: lets give Cap a near direct counter also Ubi: lets give Cap an Elite Skin Capitão: guys... could I just have a buff?

  • Kali: exist Me:" I've seen ths power before I wasn't scared of it but now I'm am" My joke was a star wars reference is some people didn't get it

  • Kali is an over powered glaz

  • One of these if not all them in this Ring are not Human😂😂😂😂

  • *I smell a glaz buff coming.*

  • Im buying kali when i get money

  • Wow - this looks very interesting - both operators and the re-made map

  • I get why explosives can do with Mexico but a grappling hook?

  • Is it possible if the explosives that get attracted to the magnet count as no ones explosives? They would still damage any operator around it but it wouldn't count as friendly fire. I can imagine just accidently killing a teammate because I didn't see his magnet...

  • super then jc 4 and gta 5 super Tom Clancy series I love tom clancy

  • I hope cavira can have a elete skin

  • The rework looks NOTHING like a theme park anymore? and have you just added all this Chinese theme elements to please the new Chinese masters?

  • A Royale with cheese