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The official IDvideos channel of Coldplay.
New album, Everyday Life, out November, 22 2019 🌙☀️


0:32Coldplay - Guns (Preview)
Coldplay - Guns (Preview)Ditonton 294 rb6 hari yang lalu
1:26Be a part of the Jordan livestream shows on Nov 22
3:21Coldplay - Orphans (SNL Dressing Room Rehearsal)
4:20Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 2,6 jt13 hari yang lalu
4:01Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)
Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)Ditonton 38 jt19 hari yang lalu
5:43Coldplay - Arabesque (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Arabesque (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 3,7 jt19 hari yang lalu
3:23Coldplay - Orphans (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Orphans (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 3,5 jt19 hari yang lalu
0:16November 22, 1919
November 22, 1919Ditonton 326 rb25 hari yang lalu
10:00#AHFODfilm special feature
#AHFODfilm special featureDitonton 467 rb11 bulan yang lalu
6:43Coldplay - Paradise (Live in São Paulo)
Coldplay - Paradise (Live in São Paulo)Ditonton 2,7 jt11 bulan yang lalu
4:41Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams (Live In São Paulo)
5:06Coldplay - Fix You (Live In São Paulo)
Coldplay - Fix You (Live In São Paulo)Ditonton 14 jtTahun Yang lalu
4:08Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Live In São Paulo)
2:03Believe In Love
Believe In LoveDitonton 2,1 jt2 tahun yang lalu
4:54Fly On Vancouver
Fly On VancouverDitonton 2,3 jt2 tahun yang lalu
5:16Coldplay - Houston #1 (Live in Miami)
Coldplay - Houston #1 (Live in Miami)Ditonton 1,1 jt2 tahun yang lalu
0:30Kaleidoscope EP - CD edition
Kaleidoscope EP - CD editionDitonton 229 rb2 tahun yang lalu
0:38Kaleidoscope EP vinyl edition
Kaleidoscope EP vinyl editionDitonton 224 rb2 tahun yang lalu
7:06Coldplay - A L I E N S (Markus Dravs Remix)
Coldplay - A L I E N S (Markus Dravs Remix)Ditonton 1,2 jt2 tahun yang lalu
4:44Surprise audience guest on the C-Stage in Dublin!
4:56Coldplay - A L I E N S (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - A L I E N S (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 11 jt2 tahun yang lalu
5:55Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 55 jt2 tahun yang lalu
4:42Amazing Day Global Film Project
Amazing Day Global Film ProjectDitonton 2,2 jt2 tahun yang lalu
3:53Coldplay - Everglow (Live on The Graham Norton Show)
0:56North American dates announced • #AHFODtour 2017
0:56#AHFODtour 2017 - European dates announced
#AHFODtour 2017 - European dates announcedDitonton 482 rb3 tahun yang lalu
3:31Coldplay - Up&Up (Freedo remix)
Coldplay - Up&Up (Freedo remix)Ditonton 1,9 jt3 tahun yang lalu
5:04Coldplay - Up&Up (Behind the scenes)
Coldplay - Up&Up (Behind the scenes)Ditonton 3,1 jt3 tahun yang lalu
6:27Nothing Compares 2 U (Live in LA w/ James Corden)
5:00Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams (Official Video)
2:30Johnny B. Goode (Live in NY w/ Michael J. Fox)
1:32#AHFODtour fan intro videos
#AHFODtour fan intro videosDitonton 200 rb3 tahun yang lalu
5:03Coldplay - Amsterdam (Live in Amsterdam)
Coldplay - Amsterdam (Live in Amsterdam)Ditonton 1,1 jt3 tahun yang lalu
4:11Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)
Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)Ditonton 182 jt3 tahun yang lalu
3:34Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb Remix)
Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb Remix)Ditonton 45 jt3 tahun yang lalu
3:41Twisted Logic - A-Side (ft Chris Martin)
Twisted Logic - A-Side (ft Chris Martin)Ditonton 486 rb3 tahun yang lalu
4:21Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official Video)
Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official Video)Ditonton 1,2 rb3 tahun yang lalu
4:11Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Matoma Remix)
1:36Coldplay's first ever show
Coldplay's first ever showDitonton 370 rb4 tahun yang lalu
3:53Coldplay - Birds (Official Video)
Coldplay - Birds (Official Video)Ditonton 16 jt3 tahun yang lalu
5:16The making of Adventure Of A Lifetime
The making of Adventure Of A LifetimeDitonton 7 jt4 tahun yang lalu
4:41Coldplay - Everglow (Live at Belasco Theater)
Coldplay - Everglow (Live at Belasco Theater)Ditonton 34 jt4 tahun yang lalu
1:01A Head Full Of Dreams (2 x Vinyl Edition)
A Head Full Of Dreams (2 x Vinyl Edition)Ditonton 901 rb4 tahun yang lalu
5:16Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official Video)
1:49Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams (Kaleidoscope Clips)
4:40Coldplay - Careful Where You Stand (from Acoustic EP)
4:32Coldplay - Yellow (HMV Webcast, July 10 2000)
Coldplay - Yellow (HMV Webcast, July 10 2000)Ditonton 251 rb4 tahun yang lalu
1:47Coldplay at Glastonbury 2005
Coldplay at Glastonbury 2005Ditonton 111 rb4 tahun yang lalu
10:06Coldplay - Midnight (Jon Hopkins remix)
Coldplay - Midnight (Jon Hopkins remix)Ditonton 779 rb4 tahun yang lalu
2:17Hunting High And Low encore in Oslo (23 Sept 2008)
4:15Coldplay - Ghost Story (Full video)
Coldplay - Ghost Story (Full video)Ditonton 3,9 jt4 tahun yang lalu
6:43Coldplay - Fix You (Four Tet Remix)
Coldplay - Fix You (Four Tet Remix)Ditonton 802 rb4 tahun yang lalu
3:56Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)
Coldplay - Miracles (Official Lyric Video)Ditonton 28 jt4 tahun yang lalu
4:42Coldplay - True Love (Davide Rossi remix)
Coldplay - True Love (Davide Rossi remix)Ditonton 836 rb4 tahun yang lalu
3:56Coldplay - Miracles (Official Audio)
Coldplay - Miracles (Official Audio)Ditonton 4,6 jt4 tahun yang lalu
3:49Coldplay - Ink (Official Fans' Cut)
Coldplay - Ink (Official Fans' Cut)Ditonton 32 jt4 tahun yang lalu
0:31Coldplay - Ink (Interactive Video preview)
Coldplay - Ink (Interactive Video preview)Ditonton 402 rb5 tahun yang lalu
3:46Coldplay - All Your Friends (Official Video)
Coldplay - All Your Friends (Official Video)Ditonton 4 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:20Coldplay - Ghost Story (from Ghost Stories Live 2014)
4:01Coldplay - Ink (from Ghost Stories Live 2014)
Coldplay - Ink (from Ghost Stories Live 2014)Ditonton 3,6 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:30Coldplay - Ghost Stories Live 2014 (Official trailer)
1:36Coldplay - True Love (Behind the scenes)
Coldplay - True Love (Behind the scenes)Ditonton 538 rb5 tahun yang lalu
4:23Coldplay - True Love (Official Video)
Coldplay - True Love (Official Video)Ditonton 63 jt5 tahun yang lalu
5:14Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix)
Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix)Ditonton 3,3 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:51Coldplay - O (from Ghost Stories)
Coldplay - O (from Ghost Stories)Ditonton 1 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:39Coldplay - Oceans (from Ghost Stories)
Coldplay - Oceans (from Ghost Stories)Ditonton 944 rb5 tahun yang lalu
1:20Coldplay - Ghost Story (from A Sky Full Of Stars EP)
1:35Coldplay - Another's Arms (from Ghost Stories)
4:14Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)
Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)Ditonton 537 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:33Coldplay - True Love (from Ghost Stories)
Coldplay - True Love (from Ghost Stories)Ditonton 1,3 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:39Coldplay - Ink (from Ghost Stories)
Coldplay - Ink (from Ghost Stories)Ditonton 1,5 jt5 tahun yang lalu
1:33Coldplay - Always In My Head (from Ghost Stories)
2:31Coldplay - Ghost Stories Live 2014 (behind-the-scenes)
0:31Coldplay : Ghost Stories - U.S. TV Special Trailer NBC
2:20Coldplay : Ghost Stories - TV Special extended trailer
4:35Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official audio)
0:44Coldplay : Ghost Stories - TV Special trailer
Coldplay : Ghost Stories - TV Special trailerDitonton 574 rb5 tahun yang lalu
4:39Coldplay - Magic (Behind the scenes)
Coldplay - Magic (Behind the scenes)Ditonton 682 rb5 tahun yang lalu
2:32Coldplay - Magic video shoot photo slideshow
Coldplay - Magic video shoot photo slideshowDitonton 231 rb5 tahun yang lalu
5:16Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)
Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)Ditonton 184 jt5 tahun yang lalu
4:46Coldplay - Magic (Official Audio)
Coldplay - Magic (Official Audio)Ditonton 51 jt5 tahun yang lalu
5:08Coldplay - Midnight
Coldplay - MidnightDitonton 78 jt5 tahun yang lalu


  • he cant sing, worst 'lead' singer ever.... struggles with middle to high notes

  • Chris looks like an over excited 9 years old. That's why i love him so much

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  • They back guys...... hoo hooo hooo hoo oooo

  • ?como sonará la canción normal si está alreves

  • 3 years ago... wow I-

  • Love once.. but memories are 4eva

  • coldplay❤

  • This song has touched my heart

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  • I've just realized that "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" and this song start with almost the same notes, with a little change of pitch and instruments.

  • How i will like to live my after-life. How about you?

  • 0% violence 0% racism 100% Love 100% talent C O L D P L A Y the best forever....................

  • Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh Ooooooohhhhhh Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Love from India

  • I use to rule *ZA WARUDO*

  • Coldplay always offering me something unique

  • The charlie brown piano pieces put us somewhere we don't need to move on from....❤

  • If we could beat that like button again and again a million times giving the song our complete love❤❤

  • Esse cantor é muito lindo 😍❤💖

  • SoundTrack WorldCup2022 😇

  • Cok ak ora ngerti pada ngomong ap:v

  • Navin, my angel, rip! It's my beautiful hindi italian son ! He's my star !

  • Who else started listening to old music randomly

  • The memories are so vivid 🖤

  • I'm just gonna post a special message for my dearest best friend. Whenever I hear this song, I thought of you, Lasz. You know how much I love you right? I hate this distance between us. But I know that even though we don't see each other that often like how we see other people, I know, in my heart, that nothing has changed. You're still my best friend who I taught to curse on the first day of school. Do you still remember that day? You sat in front of me, and I thought to myself that, "Let me annoy this person in front of me, then I'll tell him that I'd like to be his friend!" and look where we are right now! ❤️ I just want you to remember, that you are my light at the end of the tunnel. You are my precious diamond, my dearest little bean. You are my everglow, Lasz. Forever. I love you! ❤️ P.S. Let me cry in peace. Come home soon.

  • Lagu kenangan waktu di karimun jawa.😭😭😭..

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  • How old are u bro ?

  • Scroll down Nd like every comment 😘

  • I love Nepal..❤ from america

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  • Still .2019 .... Now heading towards 2020👍👍

    • HA! Timewise, right behind ya 😊

  • Love:India From:God's on country KERALA ♥️

  • Go 1000m


  • From 4:30 (Music is the weapon of the future), that's Fela's (from Nigeria) voice.

  • What a feeling this song gives... it gives a mix of chills and emotion, something like peaceful exaltation

  • Top demais 👏👏

  • I happened to hear this song on a taxi. After much listening, I finally recorded and searched. but could not find it. Luckily, I was helped by a Google Assistant and I found it on shazam.

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  • 2:23

  • Algum Br

  • Así como hubieron personajes ingleses nefastos para la humanidad, también nacieron estos panes de Dios

  • 17k dislikes...wtff! I can understand that maybe the music is not your type but it's a beautiful song with amazing lyrics and certainly doesn't deserve dislikes.

  • this is why bob marley said that wisdom is better than silver or gold

  • 3:11

  • Sounds like avicii heaven song

  • Coldplay ♡

  • As a DMB fan & at the same time a Coldplay fan, im loving the Sax 👌

  • Who is in 2019 november???👍👍👍👍👍

  • When will you play in Singapore or Indonesia? I have to watch you play at least one time in my whole life ❤ always feeling cheers whenever hearing your songs, thanks Coldplay made my day

  • 12 de Noviembre 2019 alguien ¿?

  • 2020

  • strange, the video using elephant, but the lyrics are parrot dies

  • I’m very surprised this video doesn’t have more views

  • Tremendous things are going to happen in our lives, becuase Jesus Christ is with us!

  • I'm still 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alhamdulillah

  • 5++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))Браво!!!!!!!

  • Santos Futebol Clube

  • Alan Walker Remix is better #myopinion

  • Ceaser was here too !! Inspiring everyone since War of the Planet of the Apes #AndySerkis

  • Timeless

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  • سلام وحب😍

  • 12 nov

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  • True true wo wo woooooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Buenisima!!! Desde La Tramuntana de Mallorca! Saludos!

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  • i mean the whole album of cold play is the best!!!

  • The greatest band ever

  • I really want go to their live in2020

  • Typical Coldplay song, i love it! <3

  • I searched a lot but didn't know why Bey wasn't featured in the title?

  • 77777777777777777777777777777777777~ 刷一排漢堡

  • "Am I the future or history?" I question my entire existence if I'd still be able to make progress of if I'll end up in an early death. Coldplay makes one of the most genius lines, every songs they make has a line that questions the meaning of this never ending cycle we call life, but in the end Coldplay answers it for us. My favorite band for their pure musical talent with deep meanings in every song.

  • Blues from Chris!

  • Algum brasileiro, em 2019??

  • 2009-2019

  • Y de repente un comentario en español🇲🇽

  • who see sonam kapoor at 03:43

  • *How many years you still listen to this song* 👇❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • 4:21 Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸❤️❤️❤️

  • For no reason ....I came over again again ..I love the video

  • wow amazing.. let's watch also SELFI YAMMA LIDA who just released his victory song titled MENUJU TERANG

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  • 0:58 who touch my spaghetti

  • Came for monkey Left with forgotted song

  • What they don't realize is that they have uploaded the album version of this song alongwith this video, which is longer than the original music video itself.

  • Anyone's in November? 🤔🤔😂😁

  • Been rusting in rubble Running to a faint Need a brand new coat of paint I found myself in trouble Thinking 'bout what ain't Never gonna be a saint Saying float like an eagle Fall like the rain Pouring to put out the pain Oh again and again Now I'm hyp, hypnotised Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised Yeah I slip and I'm mesmerized It's easy to be lethal Learning from the news It's a guidebook for the blues Saying it's the very same steeple People wanna chose They just see it from different views And threading the needle Fixing my flame Oh, oh now I'm moved to exclaim Oh again, and again How I'm hyp, hypnotised Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes Oh I'm hyp, hypnotized Yeah I lift and I'm mesmerized Oh-oh oh, oh-oh oh, oh-oh-oh oh-oh oohh Oh again, and again And I'm hyp, hypnotised Yeah I lift to a permanent high Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised It was dark Now it's sunrise

  • Let's try it out

  • Weird how I know this song because of fallen kingdom...

  • Come to Costa Rica 🙏🏻😍🙌🏻‼️