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10:1210 Times Kylian Mbappé Shocked The World
10 Times Kylian Mbappé Shocked The WorldDitonton 16 rb2 hari yang lalu
10:28When Neymar & Messi Met Each Other In 2012
When Neymar & Messi Met Each Other In 2012Ditonton 18 rb6 hari yang lalu
6:23Neymar TOP 33 Crazy Skills | 2016-17
Neymar TOP 33 Crazy Skills | 2016-17Ditonton 165 rb8 hari yang lalu
5:11When Neymar Can't Stop Doing Skills In A Game! 😨
10:21Neymar vs Angers (05/10/2019) HD 1080i
Neymar vs Angers (05/10/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 528 rbBulan Yang lalu
8:53Nеуmаr vѕ Воrdеаux (28/09/2019) HD 1080i
5:47Neymar - Most Insane Goals For PSG
Neymar - Most Insane Goals For PSGDitonton 98 rbBulan Yang lalu
11:1410 Times Neymar Shocked The World at PSG
10 Times Neymar Shocked The World at PSGDitonton 1,1 jt2 bulan yang lalu
4:40Kylian Mbappé is READY for the new Season! 2019-20
10:15Neymar vs Real Madrid (Home) 4k (03/12/2016)
Neymar vs Real Madrid (Home) 4k (03/12/2016)Ditonton 376 rb4 bulan yang lalu
10:42The Day Neymar Had 4 Assists In 1 Game! 😱
The Day Neymar Had 4 Assists In 1 Game! 😱Ditonton 1,8 jt4 bulan yang lalu
2:17Should Neymar return to Barcelona?
Should Neymar return to Barcelona?Ditonton 42 rb4 bulan yang lalu
10:06Kylian Mbappé All 43 Goals 2018/19
Kylian Mbappé All 43 Goals 2018/19Ditonton 51 rb5 bulan yang lalu
20:08Neymar Jr ● Overall 2019 | Season Review
Neymar Jr ● Overall 2019 | Season ReviewDitonton 127 rb6 bulan yang lalu
5:01Neymar - All 23 Goals For PSG 2018/19
Neymar - All 23 Goals For PSG 2018/19Ditonton 153 rb6 bulan yang lalu
10:22Neymar vs Angers (11/05/2019) HD 1080i
Neymar vs Angers (11/05/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 273 rb6 bulan yang lalu
11:57The Day Neymar Played The Most Entertaining Football
11:41Neymar vs OGC Nice (04/05/2019) HD 1080i
Neymar vs OGC Nice (04/05/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 213 rb6 bulan yang lalu
10:02Neymar vs Juventus - UCL Final (06/06/2015) 4K
Neymar vs Juventus - UCL Final (06/06/2015) 4KDitonton 1,5 jt6 bulan yang lalu
10:15Nеуmаr vs Моntреllіеr (30/04/2019) HD 1080i
15:20Neymar vs Stade Rennes (27/04/2019) HD 1080i
Neymar vs Stade Rennes (27/04/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 223 rb6 bulan yang lalu
10:0350 Skills Only Neymar Can Do In 2019! 🔥
50 Skills Only Neymar Can Do In 2019! 🔥Ditonton 4,4 jt6 bulan yang lalu
10:17Kylian Mbappé vs Nantes (03/04/2019) HD 1080i
Kylian Mbappé vs Nantes (03/04/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 133 rb7 bulan yang lalu
10:0921 Years Old Neymar | 40+ Dazzling Skills - 2013/14
10:04Neymar vs AC Milan (Home) HD 1080i (06/11/2013)
Neymar vs AC Milan (Home) HD 1080i (06/11/2013)Ditonton 673 rb8 bulan yang lalu
12:08The Day When The "MSN" Was Born
The Day When The "MSN" Was BornDitonton 3,9 jt8 bulan yang lalu
10:20Neymar vs Manchester United (27/07/2017) HD 1080i
10:46Kylian Mbappé All 50 Goals For PSG
Kylian Mbappé All 50 Goals For PSGDitonton 59 rb8 bulan yang lalu
10:14Neymar vs Bayern Munich (Home) HD 1080i (27/09/2017)
12:25Neymar vs Juventus (Home) HD 1080i (19/04/2017)
Neymar vs Juventus (Home) HD 1080i (19/04/2017)Ditonton 1,1 jt8 bulan yang lalu
6:15Kylian Mbappé vs Stade Rennes (27/01/2019) HD 1080i
10:16Neymar vs Strasbourg (23/01/2019) HD 1080i
Neymar vs Strasbourg (23/01/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 1,3 jt10 bulan yang lalu
10:02Vіnіcіuѕ vs Lеgаnеѕ (09/01/2019) HD 1080i
10:39Νеуmаr vs Guіngаmp (09/01/2019) HD 1080i
Νеуmаr vs Guіngаmp (09/01/2019) HD 1080iDitonton 640 rb10 bulan yang lalu
16:42Neymar vs Pontivy (06/01/2019) HD 1080i | Coupe de France
11:30Kylian Mbappé - All 49 Goals & Assists In 2018
17:43Neymar Scores 4 Goals In Charity Game (26/12/2018)
2:56Neymar Jr ● November 2018 | Best Skills & Goals
Neymar Jr ● November 2018 | Best Skills & GoalsDitonton 164 rb11 bulan yang lalu
3:45Neymar Jr ● October 2018 | Best Skills & Goals
8:43Nеymаr vs UЅА (08/09/2018) HD 1080i | Friendly
2:21Neymar Jr ● August 2018 | Best Skills & Goals
18:39Neymar Jr ● Overall 2018 | Season Review
Neymar Jr ● Overall 2018 | Season ReviewDitonton 2,7 jtTahun Yang lalu
7:35Kylian Mbappé vs Ireland (Home) HD (28/05/2018)
3:47Neymar Humiliating Opponents For Fun
Neymar Humiliating Opponents For FunDitonton 175 rbTahun Yang lalu
4:18Neymar Wins Ligue 1 Player Of The Season 2018
Neymar Wins Ligue 1 Player Of The Season 2018Ditonton 1,4 jtTahun Yang lalu
17:53Kylian Mbappé vs Les Herbiers HD 1080i (08/05/2018)
1:29Neymar Watching Coupe de France Final (08/05/2018)
10:18Kylian Mbappé 2018 ● Extraordinary Skills & Speed
11:10Kylian Mbappé vs Russia (Friendly) HD (27/03/2018)
7:31Neymar Jr 2018 ● Neymagic Skills & Goals
Neymar Jr 2018 ● Neymagic Skills & GoalsDitonton 12 jtTahun Yang lalu
5:07Kylian Mbappé ● 30 Outrageous Skills in 2017/18
3:24Neymar Jr ● December 2017 | Skills & Goals
Neymar Jr ● December 2017 | Skills & GoalsDitonton 176 rbTahun Yang lalu
3:58Kylian Mbappé ● Football's Biggest Promise
Kylian Mbappé ● Football's Biggest PromiseDitonton 169 rbTahun Yang lalu
5:44Neymar Jr ● 30 Outrageous Skills in 2017/18
Neymar Jr ● 30 Outrageous Skills in 2017/18Ditonton 2,8 jtTahun Yang lalu
4:28Neymar Jr ● October 2017 | Skills & Goals
Neymar Jr ● October 2017 | Skills & GoalsDitonton 495 rb2 tahun yang lalu
10:16Neymar vs Chile Home HD 1080i (10/10/2017) by MNcomps
10:27Neymar vs Chile HD 1080i (29/03/2015) by MNcomps
Neymar vs Chile HD 1080i (29/03/2015) by MNcompsDitonton 165 rb2 tahun yang lalu
7:44Neymar Jr - New Chapter - Skills & Goals 2017/18
Neymar Jr - New Chapter - Skills & Goals 2017/18Ditonton 958 rb2 tahun yang lalu
7:12Kylian Mbappé PSG Presentation (06/09/2017) HD 1080i


  • Boss love ❤❤ you All time neymar best,,,

  • Can anybody show me the time stamp for any of his situations leading to a goal or not losing the ball? Great skill for bullshit

  • Tunnln kann nur Neymar aha

  • #Respect😍😍💥💥✌️

  • Wtf Is he holding him 6:05

  • Nice naymer

  • Neymer fans like

  • Believe me in 3 years this guy is going to won ballon dor. He is going to be goat

  • my favorit gp

  • نيمار الغدار

  • Dziurę założtc

  • Trooop violent

  • Flamengo tá assim,faz gols e não para de atacar!

  • Класс

  • I respect CR7 and messi as 2 best footballer. But i think neymar could be better footballer if he dont injured very often.

  • What's the point of all that skills & u can't score @ the end...🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️💭#oh noo

  • 100

  • Love the video quality 👌

  • 1:07 Neymar XD

  • Lol I can do most of the skills

  • Wasted legendary playmakings💔

  • Mấy thằng nói neymar thánh ăn vạ thì t ỉa vào mặt, dcm chơi xấu ngta mình nằm vạ bỏ ghét. Gặp t mà bị chơi xấu là t ăn vạ câu giờ chetme nó luôn chứ

  • U belong to Barcelona Neymar!!!!!U have 4,5 years left on good level. Dont waste that anywhere else

  • Neymar est un bon jouer il fait des dribbles que personne peut reproduir

  • I really miss Neymar and Messi

  • Cuando neymar era feliz en su club

  • As much as I hate and enjoy when Barcelona struggle, he should've stayed..they would've probably won another UCL because of him.

  • I like how it’s Mbappe vs another team😂

  • 😲

  • David luiz overrated a defender

  • Neymar balon d'or 2015-16

  • do a video when neymar cant stop diving

  • So many assists to Cavani and de Maria for Neymar.

  • The best player in the world for me..hes so skillful..has feelin for a pass..really good decisions in the fast not so powerfull shot but on point..theres no player who makes defenders more silly than him. Its making me sad seeing him how hes falling like a star.

  • Neymar, this is not your league;) pls return to "real Europe in football" ;) (better league) TIME FLIES :), your best age was in barcelona dream team...

  • When you tap all the buttons on fifa

  • All the skills that Neymar did I can do

  • Alguem vendo em 2016?

  • Clip Pate auf anderem Level

  • Best thing about this clip is no stupid music

  • I wish he didnt leave Barca 😥😥😥

  • This is why this boy could be the new best player of the Word 🔥💥🇫🇷

  • Lmao it comes with a price. Bro keeps getting hurt/injured he’s greedy and doesn’t want to pass the ball

  • Mbappe is Playstation fifa..

  • He did 2 skills wtf ?

  • suarez just.... stands around a lot

  • neymar es malo

  • Skil neymar 👍👍

  • Is it 10 times?

  • Ronaldo or messy Only Neymar

  • For you mbappe can become stronger than cristiano Ronaldo and messi

  • Who else thinks Neymar will win the ballon d'or when The two goats retire?

  • so wasteful

  • Damm Rodri got melted

  • Vv.

  • Me: How many times do You can humilated other player? Neymar: YES

  • Bring those days back😭😭😭

  • Demasiados anuncios

  • NEYMAR 😱😱😂😂😂😂

  • The best player ever I love neymar 2❤🙌🙏

  • Neymar is the best!!!!!!!

  • Deutscher Titel aber nur Engländer und Amerikaner hier 😂😂

  • 2things only. - *Failling* - *Wasting goals*

  • Modern day pele

  • 1:35 it was not perfect for that time. He don,t need to show this skill.

  • Oh my goodness NJR is the best

  • Barca fans in their feelings rn😂😂😂😂

  • And Mexico kick his fucking little ass ...👊

  • 10:47 Entah apa yg merasuki mu....

  • 네이마르는 바르샤에 계속 있었어야대 제일 잘 어울려 플레이스타일이 메시 뒤를 있는건데

  • He needs to go back to Barcelona next year

  • I enjoys his acting skills

  • His diving skill is also like no other, lol, Neymar is a clown.


  • Where is this Neymar?😳😬

  • This guy is the only one who has balls to do it..i guess💁

  • He do magic with balls .I am his biggest fan from Kerala 😍🥰

  • 7:20

  • Naymar is the best

  • Cuando Neymar jugaba como hombre

  • *He had the potential to become better than dinho!*

  • goot neymar

  • When neymar playing as a team

  • Messi se veia mas tranquilo porque sabia que estaba Neymar y Suarez y ayudaban mucho al equipo. Ahora se le nota frustrado porque sino es el no pueden ganar, ah pero tenemos a Dembele 😪😓


  • Pode falar ok quiserem mas esse Neymar joga muito ..E o melhor jogador do mundo o galanguinho para jogar Deus do ceu

  • a ne eli sepremita

  • Saudade desse jogador cuando jogava no barcelona😪

  • Neymar no tiene cuenta de IDvideos rata

  • Alguém sabe o nome da msc de fundo que está tocando na hora do aquecimento ???

  • Sempre é foda de enfrentar o athletico na arena

  • Sempre vai ser um classico bra x arg

  • Skill emng di atas rata2 , tapi knp keliatan terlalu lama nyentuh bola kesan nya

  • I like the title because for real he can't stop doing skills

  • Ya nadie quiere a ese wey, dislike

  • Do one of when Neymar can't rolling on the floor.

  • I hate the way he overexadurates fouls, got damn it. Worst part of fucking football.

  • 1:07 classic neymar rolling

  • The beautiful football is, Kylian Mbappe also Neymar and Cafani. I want Mbappe to play in The Persija Jakarta FC. Indonesian Football Club

  • mbappe is the best young player we have rn