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7:13Diego Costa's 10 Best Chelsea Goals | Chelsea Tops
2:41Chelsea's Goal of the Month | September ⚽️
2:21Chelsea's Goal of the Month | August ⚽️
Chelsea's Goal of the Month | August ⚽️Ditonton 219 rb2 bulan yang lalu
2:16🎥 It's A Chelsea Thing | 2019/20 Nike Away Kit
4:23Tokyo Fan Films🎥 | Nike Away Kit Launch
Tokyo Fan Films🎥 | Nike Away Kit LaunchDitonton 132 rb3 bulan yang lalu
2:33Headers & Volleys!🔥 | Chelsea x Japan Tour Story
4:35Chelsea FC X Ministry of Sound🔈
Chelsea FC X Ministry of Sound🔈Ditonton 91 rb4 bulan yang lalu
3:58Behind-The-Scenes: Frank #Lampard Returns Home🎥
WELCOME HOME FRANK #LAMPARD!🙌Ditonton 361 rb4 bulan yang lalu
4:28Petr Cech | In My Own Words
Petr Cech | In My Own WordsDitonton 136 rb4 bulan yang lalu
5:16#PrideOfLondonWorldwide | Women's World Cup | Ep.3
5:59#PrideOfLondonWorldwide | Women's World Cup | Ep 2
5:20#PrideOfLondonWorldwide | Women's World Cup | Ep. 1
5:46Eden Hazard | The Final Game
Eden Hazard | The Final GameDitonton 602 rb5 bulan yang lalu
4:38Eden Hazard | 10 Of His Best Goals For Chelsea!
Eden Hazard | 10 Of His Best Goals For Chelsea!Ditonton 819 rb5 bulan yang lalu
5:49Freestyle Football Challenge: Junior Blues On🔥
2:11Behind-The-Scenes Of Our #Nike Kit Launch
Behind-The-Scenes Of Our #Nike Kit LaunchDitonton 126 rb6 bulan yang lalu
4:31MEGS!😱| Chelsea Unseen
MEGS!😱| Chelsea UnseenDitonton 101 rb6 bulan yang lalu
3:36"The Greatest Result In Our History" | Match Access
6:51Great Goals & Silky Skills | Chelsea Unseen
Great Goals & Silky Skills | Chelsea UnseenDitonton 58 rb7 bulan yang lalu
9:05Magic In The Garden Of Eden #Hazard | Unseen Extra
1:41Goal Of The Month: March
Goal Of The Month: MarchDitonton 98 rb7 bulan yang lalu


  • M’y dream play for us and win a trophy

  • The only reason I like this team is Pulisic and Mount.

  • My favourite was Abrahams fist one

  • tammy Abraham the next Adebayor

  • More to come from the lads.... Come on Chelsea 💪💪💪

  • Criançada dando conta do recado. Adoramos esse clube

  • I always love Chelsea BUT this Chelsea is the most adorable version I've ever seen...

  • Good job frank lampard and well playing youngest

  • I'm Madridista, but I really like Chelsea this year, they are playing really good. Go Pulisic!!

  • Christian Pulisic is pure class, gamechanger. Future is bright at the Bridge.

  • boys are on the right track....! I'm proud of Frankie's Effort to the club !!

  • Tomori’s goal was an absolute screamer 🎯 🎯🎯🎯🎯

  • Every player is scoring Chelsea blueeeeeeees

  • Tomori still on goal of the season.

  • Soon harry kane will be claiming he had the last touch for every goal his team mates score since he knows he aint good enough to win golden boot socalled best striker in the world winning golden boot because everyone else was injured xD

  • Lampard will bring back APL and UCL cups for Chelsea😁

  • Salam hangat dr emyuh muehehe

  • has anyone else noticed that in like 2 of the pulisic goals mason mount doesn’t look pleased with it as if he wanted to score instead lol idk

  • I've been a fan of The Blues since Glen Hoddle was player manager, then came the eras of George Weah, Ruud Gullit, Celestine Babayaro, Marcel Desailly..., Gianfranco Zola, then I fell completely in love!

  • I real like Pulisic he is awesomely

  • michys was class but also abrahams v southhampton, the precision to get the ball over the line was amazing. any higher would of hit the crossbar and any lower and it would of been cleared. underrated goal

  • Isn't it amazing that pulisic wears 22 and he scored our 22 goal in the Premier League

  • I'm free to predict: City 0 - 1 Chelsea. The Etihad will be quieter than a library.

  • Blues is holded by Tammy ,Mount

  • "Where're the goals coming from?"_Steve Dumbness Nicole

  • Chelsea the young boys generation 👍👍

  • Woah she looks exactly like Leroy Sane

  • Let's keep the fire burning boys!

  • the amount of goal scorers in this squad boy !🔥

  • In my opinon I love chelsea more than any one In the world

  • Put some respect in Mason Mount name

  • 💙💙💙

  • Pulisics first touch is one of the best I have seen the ball just sticks to his feet

  • Chelsea one love one life

  • This video gave me goosebumps - So much joy put into one video! KTBFFH <3

  • Waxaas baa I Maraayo aniga If We are Somali Fans Waxaan lee nahay Hor mar wacan Blues

  • I love my team. Come on Chelsea!!

  • Iam somali fnc Chelsea

  • I love this team

  • I like how one commentator is actually commentating and the other just celebrates our goals

  • Adorable

  • Do every chelsea premier.League goal ever

  • Who else noticed .....Tammy Abraham always trying pull his pants down lol....i think he need few more inches because he has some pretty long legs lol

  • Its a Chelsea thing

  • Chelsea for life...more wins

  • Mason Mount always looks like he's a little jealous when Pulisic scores ...

  • Well happy for Tammy, was brillant us for last season in championship, absolute top lad, will get better as well (villa fan)

  • Do this at the end of the season as well for all competitions

  • Who needs Hazard?

  • The perfect international break video! THANK YOU!!

    • George Benson Football 💙💙💙

  • Emery needs to learn from you guys

  • Blue is the colour Chelsea is our name ^^

  • Two years from now these youngsters would be unstoppable. Make it blue if you believe 👇👇

  • Wow this is absolutely magnificent.💙💙💙

  • I'm very excited to how Chelsea has could do return after our first season match,I hope to be continued 💙💙💪💪

  • Tomori #1 goal.

  • We are the future

  • When you watch the game at pitch level you really appreciate how great a player you have to be to play Premier League football. The speed at which the game is played is phenomenal!! I'm looking at Kante and Kova in midfield thinking wow, how fit, technically gifted and quick does one have to keep up with these guys. Let alone someone like Fik or Reece shutting out some of the world's best attackers... All respect to these guys who have accomplished something most of us can only dream of and they deserve all the plaudits.

  • Pulisic crack ⚽⚽⚽🏆

  • We're able to silence the Etihad. Deafening quietness! We'll turn it into a library.

  • Honestly, I love this team so much! Never had so much emotional connection since the prime days of the old guard. Go on you blues! Go on Super Frankie Lampard!!

  • more 'hazards' at Chelsea's attack. My fav PL Goals : Tammy's third vs Wolves and Pulisic's Third vs Burnley Fav Assist: Jorginho's assist for Tammy vs Watford

  • The Happiness and celebration of scoring goals by players tells the whole story.

  • Good Chelsea

  • puliSICK

  • That Jorginho assist🔥

  • 💙💙💙

  • What's most incredible is how the goals are spread amongst all the players. You love to see it!

  • I hazard a guess that Hazard is not missed.

  • Could u Please Upload All the Goals From Last Season💙💙 There's Not 1 on IDvideos

  • We just need number 2 on the Table... That's all

  • Chelsea, keep your players and don't spend in January. Your team is good enough as it is to even win the league.

  • Music ?!

  • Vem pro Flamengo Willian

  • Let's bench azpi and play reece James against man city or else play a 343 n drop alonsslow

  • Carefree wherever u may be WE ARE THE FAMOUS CFC

  • Surely that is enough for so far

  • Pulisic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Every kepa's saves please

  • 9:02 what a assist from jorginho

  • I love chelsea

  • 2:36 from number 29 to 19 and 9 all 9s

  • Im just enjoying watching Chelsea Academy.

  • Chelsea fan since i know my mind, but i don't know if there was such a lovely team like that, in the Abramovich era.

  • I'm not first I'm not last But when I see chelsea I click fast

  • I’ve got goosepimples watching this & we’re in November

    • Me too... Almost cried like we won the League haha

  • I trust in Lampard😍

  • tommy and mount are best young player..


  • Everyone brilliant

  • Look at Tammy Abraham at around 6:56. The passion and love in this team is amazing! He wasn’t even involved in the goal.

  • i love this squad! we have plenty of talented youth, and just enough experience and veterans to stay grounded! ive been a Chelsea fan for many years, and as an American im just greatful to see my fellow countryman Pulisic contributing!

  • Kante's celebration 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love this Chelsea! Can’t wait for us to beat Man City !!! Uppa blues 💙

  • the tammy pulisic and mount show

  • I love chelsea with all my heart !! CFC forever!!! I’m 30 and had a chelsea baby 🍼 grow ha ha 😂 and seen so much bad and good! Remember being 11th in league and West Ham 10th back in 95! Still can’t quite believe lamps is there 😍 love it 😍😍


  • Tammy’s goal at 0:38 is his best by me. The takedown of the ball from that height. The technique just gets to me every time.

  • Fan from malaysia here, I think chelsea can aim for number 1 in the league by this performance ,god bless you frank lampard💙💙💙💙

  • comment after Tomori scores : he might never get a better one... always makes me laugh 😂😂💙💙💙👌