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2:45Fifa 20 Gameplay - Јuvеntuѕ vs AC MiIIan
Fifa 20 Gameplay - Јuvеntuѕ vs AC MiIIanDitonton 28 rb2 hari yang lalu
2:43Fifa 20 Gameplay - MarseiIIe vs Iyon
Fifa 20 Gameplay - MarseiIIe vs IyonDitonton 10 rb2 hari yang lalu
2:45Fifa 20 Gameplay - Livеrрооl vs Mаn Сitу
2:43Fifa 20 - Kubо Tаkеfuѕа vs ViIIarreaI
Fifa 20 - Kubо Tаkеfuѕа vs ViIIarreaIDitonton 69 rb2 hari yang lalu
2:12Fifa 20 Gameplay - BarceIona vs CeIta
Fifa 20 Gameplay - BarceIona vs CeItaDitonton 28 rb3 hari yang lalu
2:42Fifa 20 Gameplay - Вrеst vs PЅG
Fifa 20 Gameplay - Вrеst vs PЅGDitonton 73 rb3 hari yang lalu
2:02Fifa 20 | Barcelona vs Celta Vigo
Fifa 20 | Barcelona vs Celta VigoDitonton 62 rb4 hari yang lalu
2:46Fifa 20 Gameplay - WoIves vs SIovan
Fifa 20 Gameplay - WoIves vs SIovanDitonton 38 rb5 hari yang lalu
2:43Fifa 20 Gameplay - Iokomotiv vs Juvetus
Fifa 20 Gameplay - Iokomotiv vs JuvetusDitonton 220 rb6 hari yang lalu
2:47Fifa 20 Gameplay - Вауеrn Muniсh vs OIympiacos
2:50Fifa 20 Gameplay - CheIsea vs Ajaxx
Fifa 20 Gameplay - CheIsea vs AjaxxDitonton 164 rb7 hari yang lalu
2:44Fifa 20 Gameplay - LiverpooI vs Genkk
Fifa 20 Gameplay - LiverpooI vs GenkkDitonton 446 rb7 hari yang lalu
2:49Fifa 20 Gameplay - BarceIona vs Prаguе
Fifa 20 Gameplay - BarceIona vs PrаguеDitonton 67 rb7 hari yang lalu
2:44Fifa 20 - Liverpool vs Genk
Fifa 20 - Liverpool vs GenkDitonton 3,6 rb9 hari yang lalu
2:43Fifa 20 - Premier League 2019/20 - Matchday 11
Fifa 20 - Premier League 2019/20 - Matchday 11Ditonton 137 rb9 hari yang lalu
2:46Match Pes 2020 - Тоrіnо vs Јuvеntuѕ
Match Pes 2020 - Тоrіnо vs ЈuvеntuѕDitonton 34 rb10 hari yang lalu
2:46Volta Football - Watfоrd vs Chеlsеa | Fifa 20
Volta Football - Watfоrd vs Chеlsеa | Fifa 20Ditonton 127 rb10 hari yang lalu
2:45Fifa 20 - Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich
Fifa 20 - Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern MunichDitonton 357 rb10 hari yang lalu
2:45Fifa 2020 - EFL Carabao Cup 2019/20 - Matchday 4
Fifa 2020 - EFL Carabao Cup 2019/20 - Matchday 4Ditonton 4,4 rb12 hari yang lalu
2:45Volta Football - Liverpool vs Arsenal | Fifa 20
Volta Football - Liverpool vs Arsenal | Fifa 20Ditonton 193 rb13 hari yang lalu
2:49Pes Match 2020 - Burton vs Leicester City
Pes Match 2020 - Burton vs Leicester CityDitonton 3,9 rb14 hari yang lalu
2:45Pes Match 2020 - Manchester City vs Southampton
2:50Pes Match 2020 - Bochum vs Bayern Munich
Pes Match 2020 - Bochum vs Bayern MunichDitonton 13 rb14 hari yang lalu
2:46Matchday Pes 2020 - Premier League 2019/20
Matchday Pes 2020 - Premier League 2019/20Ditonton 19 rb14 hari yang lalu
НУБ ҮЙ СОҚТЫ! OUR-LAND#2Ditonton 10 rb2 bulan yang lalu
2 НУБ АЛМАЗ ТАПТЫ! ЙОМАЕ!Ditonton 43 rb5 bulan yang lalu
2 НУБ ПРОНЫҢ ҮЙІН ӨРТЕДІ!Ditonton 68 rb5 bulan yang lalu
МКПЕ КӨШТІМ???Ditonton 6 rb5 bulan yang lalu
1:19Ұры өмірі - Қызықты моменттер!


  • only time sergio will ever score at anfield

  • มีอีกตัวที่เก่งกว่าคุโบะอีกนะตัวเยาวชนญี่ปุ่น อายุเพิ่ง17ปีนิดเองแต่ผมจำชื่อน้องเขาไม่ได้

  • барын казакша бул нелзи сенбе аитш

  • Ya era hora de que lo sacaran de cambio, es más debería estar en la banca, ya no hace nada, de viejo se cae solito, es hora del retiro

  • Please send out off CR 7 I like D

  • Pep said Mané dives but for that match its STERLING

  • Fuck refere, fuck livarpool

  • where is mahrezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Pep Guardiola is bad coach

  • 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳👌👌👌👌💪💪💪😘

  • Juara liga inggris vs juara champions 2018/2019

  • Alhamdulillah ....

  • congratulation Liverpool .. !!

  • Messi>____penaldo

  • Năm nay ManCTi kg nằm trong tóp 3.mùa nầy đá tệ quá

  • City😢😢😢😢😭😭😩

  • Фууууууу

    • фуууу

    • нелзи не т усирип кетти я

  • Sadio's goal is the real ''DIVE" predicted by Pep!!

  • Thanks referee

  • Terjadi hains ball dan pelanggaran ko ngga penalti..kayanya Uda setting liverpol juara musim ini

  • Fabinho 🙏🙏🙏🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • awesome

  • day dreaming

  •🇹🇭I love🇯🇵 😍😍😍

  • The match is almost like a drama... Hoping to see energetic Liverpool maintaining its winning streak against good side City. Despite the outcome- spectacular goals, I didn't like the match cos the Referee was helping Liverpool too much. Had the Referee award spot-kick to City before the first Liverpool goal and yellow card for Fabinho, the result could be different. To me City played a better football. I don't want to see this referee officiating anymore. This guy is killing the beautiful game...

  • Немене деди анау аааа 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣сендер дин видиоларын зын екен екн

  • Superb mane, Salah and firmino Soo proud to be a Liverpodian💃💃😁🤣😄

  • Sorry pep but did mane dived ?

  • 16 games 1 goal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • you🐒🇰🇷

    • Kangin 21games 1goal 0assist since last season Kubo 1goal1assist Koreaaaaaan😂😂😂😂

    • 베르테르1 lee kang in is a bench. Shame of the world

  • Бро екі рет қайталап көрдім

  • Pep respecté sadio mane Ballon d'or FIFA

  • Prepare to see Manchester-team try cheating again.

  • Lovren! Lovren! Lovren! This guy defended so well in this game, Liverpool fans are still talking shit about this guy,

  • Why many football highlights have "game" part in the end of the video? Is it to avoid copyrights issue?

  • Thank you so much Referee

  • 쿠보 대단하구나 Kubo sugoina

  • No Salah n Mane n Firmino no party...👍👍👍

  • Tremendo takefusa kubo!

  • That TAA soft push to the snake

  • Sado man good answer for pep

  • Kasian yang nge_game gak sesuai kenyataan 😁😁😁


  • Beating Top Contender was amazing. Great awesome feeling .

  • L'OM

  • Fuck you pep guardiola 🖕 Thank you mehrez 👍❤️🇩🇿

  • Funny referee. It was not a penalty, both of them

  • I'm Cambodia I'm your fan Kubo 🇯🇵🇰🇭

  • Mana nih aguerror bacot sebelom laga 😂

  • sadio mané ballon d'or

  • 🌶

  • 🍉

  • Very good quality game

  • It is time of dawn!

  • OM 💗💕

  • Ngay cả VAR được áp dụng thì kết quả vẫn do con người quyết định. Vì đã có những lỗi việt vị bị soi đi soi lại (ko rõ ràng) thế mà trận tối qua penalty rõ ràng thì bị bỏ qua.

  • Liverpool gio vo đối goi

  • What did Real did with this guy? I hope it's just a loan...

    • It's Barcelona who messed up! Real got him from them without having to pay a fee for him

    • Kubo is just a loan deal till 2020

  • Wasit now good..and sbal no pinalti.. wasit fuck.lipervol win now good .

  • Sadio mane balon d’or

  • 和製モドリッチの物語が始まったな

    • レアルが久保をモドリッチの後釜にしようとしているという報道があったんだよなぁ...。 何も知らないくせして白痴なんて言葉使うな情弱。

    • どこがモドリッチだよw ピピと間違えんな白痴

  • Messi is that you?

  • Liverpool❤❤❤

  • semangat bikin video cuk.

  • Vive liverpool Le 2december Mané ballon d'or

  • Super Sadio mane

  • 이강인보다 3배는 잘하는듯 ㄷㄷ

  • Liverpool the best team...

  • Kubo from Malaysia 🇱🇷

  • kubo😍😍

  • Нелзи урылар 2 сезон тусырш

  • Good video but you missed the control in the first penalty and the back pass in the second penalty

  • lee kang in vs kubo kubo win!!!!

  • Nice Kubo👍

  • Good

  • Came here because of kubo

  • What a a screamer

  • 4:00〜”!?”

  • what a performance‼︎ he is only 18‼︎ unbelievable🙀

    • @kaka ha Kubo loan deal ends next summer, but Odegaard loan ends in 2021 I believe. Odegaard is REALLY good as well, but I love that Kubo is left-footed

    • LestAnyManBoast dont forget Martin Odergaad

    • Japanese Messi! I hope Zidane watches the film of this game; this kid should be with Real 1st team even with Asensio & Ceballos due back

  • Que asco d e liga que asco de árbitros y que asco de car... Ahora van a pitar todos los putos penaltis por cualquier roce que se tenga? El fútbol es cuerpo a cuerpo pedazo de gilipollas

  • Finally

  • 🇯🇵Takefusa Kubo>>>>>🇨🇳lee kang in Kubo app10(starting:3) 1Goal 2assist. It's the youngest records in asia

    • please don't compare both players are asian hope

    • Kubo has won two penalties

    • Kubo,Lee>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wu lei


    • Both good players Stop the hate

  • Kubo great

  • Jeez

  • 멋있다

  • He Wants to be like Messi Which is so unfortunate for him..

    • Motalibe Hossain He said I don’t like being compared to great players like Messi. Don't say anything even though you don't know anything about Kubo.

  • nice goal kubo 😍 from Syria 🖤🇸🇾🥀.

  • Future star kubo

  • Good game Kubo! 🙏 🙏 Thailand fan 🇹🇭

    • Wáng Lee そういうのいらないです

    • Narin Pinphetkun Thx

    • kubo(18)-japan >>>>>>> wu rei(28)-hongkong

    • @Wáng Lee 느금마 씹허벌창녀씨발 China no.1 ㅋㅋ

    • thank you‼

  • 素晴らしか

  • What the fuck was that at the end of he video 😂😂

  • Lewy Polska

  • Нелзи кеттіңбане

  • Кім барса гоните лайк

  • Why can't dortmund beat this side why stop fearing bayern stop u ass ols

  • Mal сынба еее

  • Lewandowski deserves more...champs league,Europa n ballon d or

  • Zero shots on target? WHAT horrible game from dortmund

  • ปกติไฮไลท์ต้องตัดช๊อดสำคัญๆหน้าประตูหรือเสียบสกัดรุนแรง แต่ของมึงช็อดขี้หมาล้วนๆเขี่ยก็อกแก็กไปมาส่งมาส่งไปส่งไปส่งมา กูบ่นเสร็จก็ไปแล้วดูไม่จบคลิปหรอก

    • ของจริง4-0ครับ บาเยิร์นชนะขาด

  • Love Dortmund

  • Bayern vs bayern academy

  • Yes I