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10:06🔴LIVE REACTION | Roma vs Real Madrid
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  • OMG! I can't stop to look at her eyes!! Really beautyful eyes😍😍😍👍🇺🇾 and good video! Take your like

  • I got super emotional feel like crying.. Oh God give him another chance

  • Maradona, seriously? That's a really weird looking Maradona for you especially when Diego is over 45 yrs old.

  • That girl does not know anything about football.. Just doing act

  • Messi is team mate player... But RONLADO ONE MAN ARMY

  • Cr7 King

  • The best player in the world

  • 99 goals 70% is against team having fifa rank more than 100 and messi 70 goals in which 92% is against team having fifa rank 1-50 ........there is a huge difference

  • He is the goat..record is loading for him again

  • messi punto

  • cristisno won 3 ballondor in msn era

  • Every cr7 fans are non footballer why

  • He wait for ball to score Messi: legend best ever

    • @RoHaN Seernam that's your opinion I respect that

    • 😅😂😂😂 That's all you got to say. Say that he is penaldo A diver Arrogant. I will say he is the Greatest of all time.

  • Thing is no doubt ronaldo is a box player but then you need good players to bring the ball in the box .if I was gonna pick a player btw him and messi to play for a weak team then I will be picking messi because he’s a more complete player ie passes ,dribbles .assists ,creates more chances .the top coaches and managers know messi is bay far the best because of what he brings to the field while ronaldo will only play well when the team is playing well prove my point I have never seen a ronaldo solo goal beating 5-6 players and scoring ? But the greatest in the history of the game (R9,Ronaldinho,Maradona.pele ) have all solo goals cos it means taking matters to your own hand without needed help and going to score that’s Goat!!! And as for international stage South American teams are all FIFA top 80 I think the lowest is 76th while European team have the Germany , England,France etc also they have a big bunch of small countries ie Andorra, Armenia,foroe island , Luxembourg, Slovenia etc which are all weak teams and out of FIFA top 100 and if you look at the stats ronaldo have scored a staggering 44 goals against teams outside the top 100 ...I will leaVe it there and have a great day

  • Didn't even give him a fighting chance 💀💀

  • She is right tho . MESSI IS THE GOAT .

  • React to Greg inglis - best player on the planet , another rugby video to watch 👍🏽

  • Is name is 🦁

  • They are both amazing, hard work vs natural talent.

  • You guys should react to season 1 and 2. There are single videos that have the entire seasons.

  • Cristiano won't retire until he breaks that 107 record. It's just a matter of time.

  • No one can beat Cr7 in headers

  • Cr7 the best

  • Please react to the tragedy of Lionel Messi

  • Wow the Goat 🐐


  • Hey, you're American and you call the game football? That's amazing, bro!

  • Everyone be like react to this and that... And I'm like even this dude has Messi's number up on the wall now

  • Play similar to another little one 😆. Of those videos surpassing a whole team, you can find several, 2 very similar Argentines 😂. There is no comparison is born talent, born like this. Respect Cristiano is one of the best players in the world, there is also a player named Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano, Argentina but nationalized Spanish.

  • Well if you don't know 🤔🤔 it's "TONGA BAYBEE" 🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴🇹🇴

  • She has no idea what she is talking about, CR7 is the best player to ever play this game...he can do it in any team, not just one team pony like messi

  • Ronaldo is the goat

  • 7:30 why does he look like he used his right foot

  • 5:24 that is why he won the ballon d' or 😂😂

  • 2:39 legend has it that Ramos is still sliding😂

  • number 10 definitely :)


  • Love your reactions. Checkout my Les Twins reaction channel. Just started this wanting to express my love an appreciation for the joy Larry and Laurent bring to our lives :) ...

  • little late

  • React to Leo Messi extraterrestrial video,plzzzz...

  • hi watch Neymar by holy hard mode

  • ronaldo is always best he is goal machine

  • my fav is ranaldo

  • Beautiful video and it is not necessary for Messi to win a world cup to be the best player in the world, I thank God for letting this great football master see and enough of that absurd comparison with Ronaldo Leonel Messi is more complete away

  • Lol Barca when unjudge red card left Ronaldo ......n Barca also lose.,. don't play football play ludo Barca player🖕🖕🖕🤪🤪

  • 2:42 = RASENGAAAAAAN x'D

  • Footbal is way better then rugby, more people prefer to watch football it’s more Entertaining And football players wear pads but all that equipment actually hurts when you get it by it especially that helmet so idk what the comments are talking about

  • Robert, please react to "Lionel Messi Extraterrestrial" and "Messi is a Dog, Messi es un perro, Never Dives". Been waiting for those two videos for so long now.

  • You know messi height.. that short guy he replied ronaldo sledging with a header.. this happened the next moment before ronaldo tease him..

  • You know one thing baby.. Ronaldo tired when he planned to tackle messi.. dont compare Ronaldo with messi.. becoz he Is a magician in the football world.. you know ronaldo didnt defend by too many defenders at a time .. messi did that so many times.. messi is the world's greatest player.. did u heard anywhere .. any interview he didnt say he is the best... that's the interesting part.. you cant describe messi by his talent.. he is the great human being.. and he is the great player

  • What happened to you... You stopped reacting on Cr7 goals... Cr7 scored a hatrick against Lithuania..make a reaction video on it

  • What Ronaldo do messi cnt...and what messi do Ronaldo cnt.They are both best footballer ever live in the world...dnt compare.They are same.....Both are unique in wat thry do.

  • CR7

  • CR7

  • Wtf you guys got oxy on the sideline so you don't get tired and a off & def team

  • We've had guys come over from America to try rugby it's too physical to do it for 80mins

  • Cuando será que coloquen una fábrica o tiendas grandes en Medellín Colombia

  • I did

  • Barcelona Robert 20th anniversary

  • Many of them rugby hits are illegal now

  • Mmt or die for Tonga is the best

  • CR 7 King of the player

  • I remember how mad Neuer was after getting that one goal in at the end. It was just a couple of minutes left and it was 7:0 and he still was so enraged about that one that got in. Amazing. We did feel kind of bad for brazil but it was just so exhilarating! Never again probably. very thankful that I was there for it :D

  • So the question in Naples basically asked if the Camorra (Campania Mafia) paid for his signing 😂😂

  • nobody: woman: i will talk in the most important scenes

  • This is stupid watching 2 people reacting

  • Nice video!

  • I was expecting some mistake of Messi :/

  • Pac=B.I.G>nas>em>all other rappers

  • React to Lazio ultras in the channel “IRRIDUCIBILI”. Im italian and i like your video.💪🏽

  • 👆 hey react a neymar jr 101 skills

  • kichen scene is final scene of the raid 2 ,and this is a final scene the raid 1

  • Everyone knows it, deep down 🔥❤️I love that

  • I find it strange that you are sat in the same room, sitting side by side but seemingly looking at different screens?

  • In rugby we don’t hold back we hit people as hard as we can

  • Well I am huge fan of Messi since 2009 and in wc 2014 and 2018 when argentina lost man I cried. I wish Messi gets something for argentina before he drops down.

  • React to Juan Fernando Quintero number 10 from River plate ! He’s amazing !!!

  • tonga

  • 1. he never score a goal against Peter Cech at chelsea.... 2. He never play outside of Barcalona 3. Barca team is build around Messi...wont happen in England 4. there arent any Proof he would be best out of Barcalona 5. Legend at Man U, legend at Real, and Now Juventus....its CR7..haha

  • Love you guys ❤️

  • What most people outside of the USA fail to understand that the NFL (the professional football league) has by far the best athletes in the world, if you found the fastest rugby player- the NFL has a faster player that is 100 lbs. heavier. You simply have no idea of the speed of American football players, it is called kinetic energy, the force is directly proportional to the mass times velocity.I watch a rugby match and I am amazed at how slow these players are- we call it lumbering. The main difference between American football and rugby is that American football is played at maximum intensity on every play, rugby is a bunch of guys jogging or standing around while a few are engaged in action, then they switch to others in action and they stand around or jog for minutes on end. Rugby, like soccer is amazingly boring to anyone used to used to high-level athletic contests, let me explain. In human exertion the maximum effort a person can expend is limited to approximately 4 or 5 seconds (in a 100 meter dash, the runners are decelerating after 4 or 5 seconds), one needs to rest after such exertion in order to be able to perform again at a maximum level, thus we have a huddle to get the next play and rest to be able for another maximum exertion. Anyone that understands physics and knows how playing in protective gear gives one a sense of invulnerability can readily see the difference in the impacts in NFL and the puny hits in rugby, I've said before that the hardest hits in pro rugby wouldn't make it onto a highlight reel for American high school football.No where else can you see two or more of the fastest people on earth running directly at each other than in the NFL, rugby is a bunch of slow fat men constantly falling over themselves.

  • You should do a reaction to Harry Kane. Not as skillful as Ronaldo or Messi but a predator when he's in front of the goal.

  • They forgot to add the Berbatov spin.

  • Im some point we felt just bad for brasil watching it. I remember how it got quieter with every goal ...

  • I miss her brunette hair 😐

  • Boobyss

  • "The best Channel in the world...❤❤👍🏻

  • Ronaldo💔

  • the most humiliating skills is the unai emery and arsenal no win no style

  • keep going bri

  • Crack saludos desde argentina


  • This goal isn't best goal Of Cr7

  • Cr7 goals Unreal

  • First

  • i love watching people reaction of some star player in the sport/esport tht i enjoy but i always hate when theres a girl/kids along side them reacting to tht. i dont know but they always know how to spoil the mood when they start talking about the video.

  • Nahhhhh CR7...

  • Nice vids, looking forward to more uploads! This deserves more views, I think you should use followsm”.”com to increase your social proof!

  • No se cuando lean esto MESSI el mejor del mundo y de la historia aunque no gane un mundial....okay. aunque no gane un mundial...