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10:25Has Ernesto Valverde lost the plot at Barcelona?
10:20Levante vs Barcelona, La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH PREVIEW
10:06Eibar vs Barcelona, La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH PREVIEW
11:50Barcelona News Round-Up ft Lionel Messi & Ansu Fati
10:48Barcelona vs Valencia, La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH PREVIEW
10:36Barcelona News Round-Up ft Lionel Messi Injury Update
12:11Discussion about Ernesto Valverde and Barcelona
10:21Osasuna vs Barcelona, La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH PREVIEW
10:13Barcelona News Round-up ft Neymar Jr Transfer Latest


  • The new cup is just a cash grab... But also a tournament that now is no more than a disruption with distance implications, unnecessary injury risks unless it's just a ceremonial but real and barca never have those... But I also don't have confidence of a victory with this here coach

  • Why don't you do an FC Barcelona vs FC Cartagena Match Preview😕

  • Damn honestly at this point I’m just waiting on a update that says the entire squad is injured

  • If neymar returns to Barcelona wouldn’t that affect the development and game time of Ansu Fati as neymar will definitely replace Ansu Fati at Left wing so I don’t know

  • Messi deserves better

  • Hello

  • Ahhh😩 i wanted to watch the game live but I have school tomorrow 😭🤬

  • Thanks for good news every day, but barca s problem is to fail to sign neymar because with neymar is the only way barca can become kings of Europe again . I made the same comment before the start of the season and I will continue until neymar is back because he is the only short term solution for barca while other solution possible need more than 5 years. Griesman, dembele , coutinho ,..... Trust me they can never replace neymar.

  • What's the website please

  • can you please speak in normal way......i want listen you but.....

  • I wouldnt blame Messi if he left after seeing another season and another UCL slip from his hands.

  • Trash super cup... what’s the point? If you did not win in the first place, why would it be a super cup???

  • So what about Griezmann if we get neymar

  • I like the new format so Valencia won’t have the chance to smash Barca again

  • Seriously why in the freakin world would you want Neymar to come back? I mean is Barca so bad they only can play with the old attack trio? Where is the evolution and innovation of the club?

  • This is what i think about Neymar 💩

  • Valverde out please!!!! Aniwaes keep up the good work Jamie i am watching from Botswana

  • I am 1 of those who still wants Neymar back

  • Messi delayed it cause he’s going to ask for more money his fake ass

  • Dembele and fati???? What will happen to them??? Will they play cricket when neymar returns?

  • As a Real Madrid supporter, I feel like you have made valid points there, to be honest, I don't think Messi should be the captain because of there are player who has far better leadership like Ter Stergen and Busquets

  • i hv a feeling now. tht messi will take a decision to leave next season

  • we need neymar back plz plz

  • Good analysis but one thing i am not convinced with this channel owner he said Messi is the greatest but actually he is one of the greatest and that's a fact.

  • Let Messi go What we will do? Let him hold us to ransom again! Need to start planning without him eventually Don't get me wrong, I love Messi, he's a legend, but this merry go round is distracting from the big picture.

  • Thank you for the video my friend

  • Valverde out

  • I WOULD LOVE TO SEE NEYMAR BACK. I absolutely love him! I’ve been closely following him since his Santos days, magical and joyful to watch! Let aside all the injuries and all of that he’s an Absolute joy to watch!

  • Why are we blaming injuries yes we do have injuries but the tactics are so bad that even with our best team we will still lose in the cl, Wague should now get his chance and I wished Emerson would be already playing for us

  • If Messi leave it’d be a mad day for the footballing world 😱😱😱

  • I’ve been saying this and ima keep saying this messi doesn’t have leadership

  • Can you mention this Is man utd better than barca mentally and physical Also there tactics

  • *there is a rumour that griezman might get swapped with neymar plus rakitic, and i think thats fucked up cuz griezman wants to play for BARCA, he likes messi, and he wants to play with the g.o.a.t but hes not a LW!*

  • I appreciate your video Master Barca ,we will be there 4 ur greatest uploads 👊🏿👊🏿

  • I would like to see messi play for man city

  • Messi needs a new challenge. I think Messi will go to the Premier League to reunite with Pep at Man City.

  • If you're buying Neymar, then Suarez have to be sold. Otherwise, the problem continue

  • i can’t wait fro valverde to fuck off as a young boys manager

  • This new SSC format is just a money making scheme. The people who have thought of doing this, just thought about making money. They didnt actually think of the players themselves, too many games, too many injuries. Quality of play decreases.

  • I would love Neymar at the beautiful club, but make the club beautiful again, sack valverde!!!!!!!! Erik ten hag, Ronald Koeman, Marcelo Gallardo anyone that actually has Barca dna, Valverde can go back to his shithole in athletic bilbao, now he has accomplished making bilbao as good as Barca!

  • Not this Neymar crap again. Anyway dont forget #ValverdeOut #BartomeuGTFO!

  • barcelona need tio get nymar to came back

  • I still don't understand how the media knows what people were talking about at Suarez's wife's birthday party...😂😂Man, is this what life has come to...

  • Neymar 2078: I finally joined Barca! Valverde: ok, you will play Right-back .

  • Messi should leave braca and join man city...pep is waiting!!

  • Listen jamie a player may nt want to leave a club but different things can frustrate him into leaving rmber he told us thgt he thgt about leaving once. Messi knows winning the champions league is almost impossible for barca so if barca dnt win anything this season worst if they dnt get neymar he might start negotiating with another club and I would love to see him in another country

  • Notice how many more injuries happening in Barca under Valverde/Bartomeu. I wonder what the connection could be? Motivation? I've read several legitimate studies so far confirming that injuries - although primarily physical in nature - also have a mental/phychological component/dimension. Players that thrive are usually less likely to pick up injuries - on average - than unhappy players.

  • Neymar is overrated mbabbe better

  • From home and away final Turn to 3 games semi-final to final business!

  • What the fuck is this new format, Super Copa should be just a match like Community Shield. Fuck, fuck why do I even care it doesn't matter.

  • Good job Jamie more grace to your Elbow.watching from the capital city of Nigeria.

  • Can we bench pique he wash

  • The SSC format is clearly changed so that the Madrid teams have a chance to win a trophy

  • Buy all the best players for Valverde and he will still loose to Liverpool and Roma.

  • Messi to real madrid?

  • Why don't we loan Alena to Ajax? He can learn a lot from Ten Hag and therefore develop as a player! It's sad he doesn't get any minutes under Valverde! We had an agreement about developing players with Ajax, didn't we?

  • Alena and Puig must play tomorrow.

  • guys im a barca fan from india . ive completed my grade 12 this year. Until class 10 i was in saudi arabia. last month i did go on a visit to saudi and now i wont be going anytime soon. Sadly i missed the chance of watching a barcelona game live

  • the fact that Valverede is a worse signing than Douglas is beyond me😭

  • Barto has to sign Messi for business reasons, for sponsors and for attracting players. Messi I feel is stalling because he does want to return home, and possibly by then he may feel it's best at that age and stage of his career to do so where he still has a bit to give. Only contract I would sign if I were Messi is tht lifetime contract that Xavi & Iniesta got where I can stay or leave if I want after each season.

  • neymar is very bad for barsa, and if meesi want to leave, don,t stop him. Look for the new generation

  • Get Neymar shed disappointing Dembele. Greiz at cf Next season because Suarez owns it this one last year.

  • Valvede Out plsssssssss

  • Lol Messi will leave if Barcelona don't make any major changes next summer.

  • Everyone thinks if it wasnt for valverde the Club would be alright. I think it's players on the down s ide of their career , injuries and a lack of passion with many of the players that is equally to blame. Dembele Sergio Alba Roberto Samedo Pique all need to be replaced or benched asap. The backline is not sufficient particularly

  • Pls Jamie don't you think our family should create a WhatsApp Group

  • Who cares if ney comes valverde will play him center back anyways

  • i think if Neymar returns... he'll give his absolute best to the club given that how badly he wants to come back

  • Its a very bad decission for barca..even coutinho as we already know coutinho is one of the best player.

  • Watching Liverpool vs Mancity made me enjoy the Barca Style of Football but I had to ask myself when will I get to watch Barcelona play with this intensity. I expected this rumors with Ney but I feel with Valverde even with Ney and Greizmann they'll be no change in our current situation we'll rather get more issues for ourselves cos we'll be seeing less of Fati, Perez and probably dembele. Even Greizmann may be suffering to get some minutes under Ernesto.

  • the main concern for now is that how are going to defeat inter and dortmund. These are 2 crucial matches. the performance we delivered against Slavia Praha is be honest i am scared that barcelona might not make it to the round of 16

  • Super Cup is silly cause it means one additional clasico. This is turning into NBA style playoffs..

  • From saudio Arabia? WHAAAAAAAAAAT WHY?

  • What’s happening with Carlos Helena

  • If Messi leaves I will literally die I mean it.

  • Mhh, if they rly wanted Neymar, why off-load Coutinho? Would be surprised if Bayern agreed to a callback clause, and Bayern paying up 120M next summer would be very out of character.. I guess two of our french players might get swapped then, like Dembele + Griezmann or Umtiti..??

  • No, he just isn’t changing his contract because he knows a new one will get him paid less So milk that shit as long as possible

  • Surprise surprise surprise surprise

  • Valverde looks like if disappointed was a person

  • How can a giant club luke Barca can accept back to back humiliation in CL having a very big lead on 1st leg. He should be sacked after Roma humiliation but still not sacked. #Valverdeout

  • No one : Literally no one : Jaime : Surprise surprise🎉🎉...!!

  • The format is jus a money scam and for barca or real to win it if they didn't win either the league or cup

  • I support messi.

  • Argentina play better without Messi/ aguero/ di maria ...💯

  • What do you make of those Klopp rumours and how much are in it?

  • The Spanish Super cup is now a disgrace to Spanish football. Money taking over the true football.

  • If neymar’s saga continues how do you think the end will be?

  • I lowkey would not be too sad if Messi left the club. The players would have to work as a TEAM and Valverde would lose his job.

  • Messi is now play selfish position .. forget Neymar...suckvalverde🖕

  • If Barça sack Valverde now is a sack. If he is sacked at the end of the season is a sack. Soo why don't Barça sack him now to save the Hearts of fans he is hurting.

  • I think based off of the situation with Messi’s contract,I believe he does not want to give Bartomeu and the rest of the board leverage,that they have him signed on paper,as that may further ignite stagnation from the club. As it is right now.

  • Why neymar wants to come to barcelona? Are hospitals good in barcelona?

  • What about Fiji how to watch on barca website

  • The way you say "surprise surprise" 😂😂

  • Batameo been wanting to renew Messi and he has been for more than 15 years what do you mean 😂 @ 2:30

  • If Neymar ends up coming back to Barça, we better win the Treble, a Premier League title, one Davies Cup, and the Super Bowl🙄

  • I want Neymar come back to Barcelona.If anyone agree with me then give a like 👇👇

  • Barca is coming to my current town jeddah! Never thought i would have a chance to see my team play in real life.

  • Good updates man....keep up the good work#Kenya

  • Honestly I'm from jamaica and I've been a barcelona fan since the days of rivaldo and I must say with all the coaching changes and players which we have chance our philosophy have never changed until valverde came here, it's because I dedicate my heart mind and soul to the philosophy of what barcelona is, he has ruined our lives, my heart is in pain, but I'll never give up on my team, love you with everything inside me

    • Rivaldo was the first superstar I knew in football, but ronaldinho is who really got me hooked he's the greatest of all time, but it's painful to see the decline of the team,we need to get back to being the force to recon with again

    • Just a reminder that football despite its beauty still is "just" a game. Do not get too heavily involved emotionally. I also fell in love since ronaldinho times with barca. Its a difficult time for barca fans but the future is bright as we invested in young promising players. Greetings from Austria to my jamaican comrade