I Dressed Like It Was 1967

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I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of fifty years ago! As 2017 comes to a close, I figured I would close out our decades through fashion series with a style video of clothes from half a century ago, in 1967. From the mods to the caftans to the hippies, 1967 was a defining year in music, culture, and fashion - and also a fun year to ~wear~ around! Which outfit was your favorite?
A huge thanks to Kayley Melissa for rocking out this 60s hair! You can check out her channel here: idvideos.info/channelUCctjAAIUSW3DRS-5Phh_hgQ
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  • HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS!!! pls enjoy the last video of 2017, the finale (for now) of our decades through fashion videos!! maybe we'll do some more next year, but probably mix up the format a lil bit. thank u all for sticking around through 2017, i can't wait to share what we have planned in 2018 with u all! xoxo, saf

    • please make more after the wedding! PLEASE

    • I'm a bit late to this party, but I loved it! Thank you Safiya! I was actually born in 1967...I had never heard about the attempt to levitate the Pentagon before, but I'm so glad you mentioned it because I dived down the rabbit hole and looked it up to find out that I was born 2 days after their ritual!! I'm shook lol.

    • I really loved these please do some more

    • Safiya Nygaard sup

    • Loved seeing this it was fascinating. I liked the long dress, the colour and pattern is nice and it really suits you! (i myself wear long dresses a lot. Actually wearing a fairly long one now) 67 was the year my future husband was born 😇 me. I am an 80's girl (85) I have really enjoyed watching you cover each decade. It has been so cool and entertaining

  • She looks like Marina in the second outfit.

  • the first outfit reminds me of the show Scooby Doo as if she was in the show herself

  • The second one looked a look good on you!

  • 10:01 S a f i y a

  • The amount of effort that goes into these is insane

  • 1:20 why did I think her dad was a person of color

  • Safiya and Tyler...Sonny and Cher 😊😊😊

  • The Hippies were Trust Fund kids fighting against the things that their parents embodied that gave them their trust funds lol 😝

  • You forgot ‘That Girl!’ Marlo Thomas in your hairstyle and green dress 👗

  • *T-H-I-C-C-YYYYYYY!!! BAHAHAHHA* 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😘😍

  • *Feeling ScoobyDooish!!!*

  • You look good in all of the outfits but REALLY suited the 2nd especially the hair n make up

  • "For this look... And black cat eyeliner"... Always!

  • The hippy persona’s moves were too jagged and fast. Remember, a lot of those hippies were high.

  • In the second one, she looks like Senator Padme from star wars!

  • ‘67 wouldn’t be ‘67 without the beatles

  • the beatles references 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Idk why but I love 60's-80's fashion But I like clothes from the 80's most and would gladly wear it

  • I love that the guitar song Tyler played was Dispatch's The General. Good jam!

  • So the theme for our Christmas party would be 60s, and your orange outfit is my peg! Hopefully, I could find one like that fingers crossed

  • Look #2 on Saf looks like Saf as a rich momma, loving that purple on her!!!!

  • The green outfit looks like the green powerpuff girl

  • thiccy

  • 2019 : It takes courage with all the ghetto swag, to dress like that. Much props to ya!


  • Saf deserves more subs.

  • "Your second head has a Will Byers hair cut" -Tyler Lol

  • Wow that reference tho I just watched that movie Austin powers international spy 😎

  • The first outfit is a little bit like buttercup from power puff girls if you think about it

  • Where did she get the bangs?

  • so random but when tyler came out dressed as george harrison he said "peace and love" which is usually a ringo line haha

  • you look-like the folger's heiress who was murdered by the Manson idiots in the maxi dress, lol

  • I love you! Your sense of humor is something! Thank you for being you 🙈

  • My dad was born 1 year before it

  • You do match with the grass! at least old old minecraft grass

  • ur sooo funny

  • Tyler's Liverpool imitation 😂😂

  • Can you dress like it’s 1983

  • Sweet nibbles my mom was 17 at this point Man fashion has changed so much.