Help (Official Music Video)

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Lyrics written 100% by SomeThingElseYT aka me:

Help! Oh well...
Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
It started on a Sunday and I was just doing nothing but partying it up with some people I knew enough, um. Im just-
looking at things. The sweaty bodies go on scheming, they be praising me Im dreaming cuz I made it now I'm something. At least-
I think I am? Thats what they say I am? Not playing Man. Im just doing everything that I f***ing can.
I don't even know what's just going on but they thinking... Looking at me like I am- money.
Shut up and now they speaking....Fake... So I'll be
Drinking it up and then some. Hinting Im done they nincom-
poops who keep talking. I'm hostage. "But sponsors!?"
Paid my ransom...
Im just an artist astonished by all the offers that coming
but if Im honest... now harder to start a f***ing convo!
Am I having fun? Yes but damn I'm also not...
Jeez people going on and thinking that fames nothing but ducking problems. Assuming some wealth but they summon dozens of crummy demons. They done and gone f**k themselves as they come up screaming
Help! Oh well...
Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
"Friends are coming someday" I said
Fame hits
Gained some. Dummy I am. Lost them.
Oh Sh**
All alone I ponder. Wonder if Im ever gonna find some.
Never thought it could get harder. Happens when your evil!
"Hello Can I be your friend-o?
Adam you're great, you f***ing make me want to explode!
Hey since I got you, shout me out and then help me grow.
Wait what the F**k did you just tell me f***ing h*ck no?! B***h Go!"
"Hello can I be your friend-o?"
Everybody looking at me making this joke
Im getting sick of it I think I'm going mental
Can't even make some friends who sinking in the same boat!
Angry, mad at the world! Im freaking. I know its absurd but these are the things that keeping me up.
My demons.
I'm pushing most people away.
Despiting the fact that some grate.
Just used to an industry of manipulate..
Every time... Im doing it often.
Then often find myself huffing and puffing. Im fussing.
My eyes are blinking.
Pretty Immature.
Need to try out something different.
I'm missing when things we're simple but hear me listen...
Ill never stop pursuing what I f***ing love. Im doing everything I can Im making sure I rise above but sometimes I feel like its often going off the wall but huh... Im just a youngin. Built this stuff alone. Edge double sword I think Im holding screaming
Help! Oh well...
Everybody going up but I'm going to h*ll
I don't even give a F**k what I'm doing, who cares.
I be thinking that I'm nuts but who isn't... I stare... I stare...
(Cartman whining)
Oh I need help.
(whining again like ur boi Eric)
Oh I need help.
F**k me....


  • Had a day to film the music video and record vocals and I feel like I can do better with this song. Let's try again in January or February

  • screaming like Eric Cartman lol

  • U are the next Eminem

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  • Lyrics in description: *(Cartman whining)* Me reading it: *e p i c*


  • Adam reminds me of emenem when he sings

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  • i love this way more than jaidens and james songs, its so relatable 😂 x

  • "halp oh well," That's what I heard

  • Adam: imma make a song Adam, later: imma make another one Adam hopefully in the future: you know what would be cool? Another song. Keep at it dude! I hope you keep making more songs cuz theyre really cool. 👍✌✊

  • This is a song that made me think about my life

  • Lyrics: Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know i need someone. Help...! When i was young so much younger than today! I never needed anybody's helping anyways.


  • this is me in school

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  • I don't how ypu don't express your singing and gurtar talents cause i have been a fan since your video with the child rapist so express this Talant more it is amazing plus if you got into a compantion for best youtube singer i would make 1000000 accounts to vote for you you help me thourghe so much your just amazing.

  • Jaiden:anaroxia James:depression alex:never giving up Rebbeca:love Dave:school Adam:bullying Also adam:help

  • Anything he said, I didn’t feel it. I can’t feel sound. So y’all need to stop saying “you felt that”

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  • Help oh well

  • Jaiden: I CAN SING AND ANIMATE James: I CAN BE RELATABLE AND ANIMATE SomeThingElseYT: Okay lemme show you how it’s done

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  • Gladly.

  • When your comment is irrelevant but it gets likes because if it doesn't I'll eat your dog

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  • 4 video later new song


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  • 1:30

  • This is an absolutely beautiful song that really makes you question your own life. Keep up the amazing work man! Every video you make is a masterpiece. Both of your music videos are relatable and make me think about how no one is ever really alone. Thank you.