The Scariest Dream I Ever Had

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This is the most terrifying dream I ever had. Mama seeks...
Thanks to my brother for playing himself:
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  • I had a dream I went in the car and I saw my brother with no eyes and when I went in he just stared at me and I was like WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT?!

  • My scariest dream was my luigi plush getting his face cut off.Yeah.

  • Who's waching this at night:/

  • Adam dat jump scare 😱

  • Dang I can’t do the last step counting to ten is hard 1 2 3 89 dang it

  • I had a dream I called water assassins Cause my dream was about people going into this one lake or whatever getting killed in there and after years of it happening the water was pretty much all blood and the law was that every bad kid had to be thrown in there and I was bad in the I died The dream was really scary and I want to make a horror movie about it

    • And don’t u love how his shirt always says something related to the subject happening

    • And I have nightmares li,e every night And I hate it

  • Why was this scary for me

  • Mama looks like it would be the female version of Shy Guy (SCP 096) if it had hair

  • dude who’s Right brain and left brain

  • I want to try this but the same time I don't

  • Feeling cute might lock some people in my motel rooms without food! UwU Lol

  • Daddy seeks

  • Ok when you done that scream my nephew SCREAMED louder than than my phone was

  • Adam: First you need a flamless candle, Next you need a possession and an ability to count to ten... Me: DANG IT MY PHONE!

  • Me is dying from the two mamas fighting to death

  • that was funny when you thought that the pile of stuff was one of your brothers friend

  • Fug you

  • I almost died because I was in the woods. Well I thought I almost died. It turned out to be a raccoon that scared me to almost death

  • Wait if 2 mumas has fight and one captures the outher do they turn into mumas muma

  • Mama wants us to be safe! She murders


  • Actually I have nightmares they are scary but I can't wake up to a nightmare so I have to suffer watching horrible things

  • This was the first video by you I watched, now it keeps being recommended to me

  • I had a nightmare before with just dots. It’s hard to explain’s like REALLY HARD TO EEEEEEEEEEXPLAIN!

  • Bo burhum

  • 4:14 OH U SON OF A-


  • Omg the jump scare scared meh

  • One nightmare I had that was the worst for me was about.... boxes..


  • *jumpscare happens* nice try like if it didn't scare you

  • Those 4.6k people who disliked are going to get killed by mama seeks because mama approved this video is the best!

  • And another time i had a nightmare where evrything was normal but then i loked out the window and saw blood that wrote your next and it was hard to move but i got to the kit hen and got a knife and then i woke up skared and goed to my moms room and said i had a nightmare

  • One time ween i was smaler i had a night mare of chikens taking over the world

  • dude i know this game isn’t real but i’ve convinced myself to play it by myself and double tap this girl i hate :>

  • i had an funny/scary/weird dream so this dude came up tho me and i was like 10x bigger than him and he picked me up some how and through me in his truck then he took me in his house i went to the backyard it was a dream so i just cant clime the fence but there was a pond with like a stak of rocks so i climbed them then they started to move and then i fell in the water and i died -_- T-T

  • Great game and video Adam 👍

  • The Jumpscare made me make this face: 😂

  • If you double tap somebody who already has a mama following them, do they now have 2 mamas following them?

  • I was scrolling down the comments and I was expecting to see something like BRUH I TRIED THIS AND IT WORKED 👻👻👹

  • Now

  • Make this a movie

  • I enjoyed a nightmare where everyone died :3

  • After this i watched a vid of a ferret dancing a thousand times

  • This sound like a hella good movie

  • My scariest dream was that I was in a high school and All of the teachers are not there and there's is a purge and people have bloody baseball bats with nails in them and nives and every one was killing each other.

  • Sotp

  • 4:40 Wait, how are you sinned while you doubletapped both?

  • 4:13 nearly made me pass out....

  • I hate that the left brain looked left to the right game AGHHUGHH

  • Someone make a game about this

  • 4:12 ugly

  • My lil sisters scariest dream was a bout a small walking gala apple xD

  • When I was younger I had a nightmare where my mother died when I woke up I cried for so long

  • Ma

  • Mama

  • I am going it Dee

  • Adam:then he will turn into your mom. Adopted people:hooray!!!

  • I have this game my Freind... started this game....

  • One time I realized I was having a nightmare and I manage to shake myself awake and woke up to me rocking myself violently and now when I have a night mare I somehow know to shake myself till I wake up. It’s nice when I don’t realize it’s a nightmare and I just get to suffer.