Felt cute, might delete later :3 (Merch Announcement)

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New Merch Here:
(probably going to delete this vid when my next animated story comess out!)
Hope you enjoy the new merch. Worked hard with CreatorInk to try to come out with designs I really enjoy. Merch is honestly one of the best ways to support the channel second to just watching and enjoying the vids them self so I thank everyone who purchases merch and enjoys it!


  • You forgot to delete this

  • Feel cute, might lock some people in some of my motel rooms without any food UwU!

  • I wanna buy ur merchandise because I love baggy hoodies :D

  • I have the hoodie and I 100% recommended it and it is so soft and comfy and yea. It’s SO nice :>

  • Just ordered rn lol along with game theory stuff

  • Now you forgot to delete this 😒

  • Still have not deleted this

  • Yeh he forgot to delete it


  • Omg nov 10 that next day is my birth day

  • Its been a year

  • Felt Cute , Might Delete Later *1 year ago*

  • Dude you still forgot to delete this

  • It’s been a year, no delete 😂 not a hate comment

  • 0:56 sOoOOooOoO

  • 2019 squad

  • I has been 12 months Adam

  • this might just be my favourite video on this channel so far..

  • *You never deleted this*

  • Why is one of the hoody cost more then a switch game

  • I love the little Adams carakter.

  • You forgot to delete this 2.0

  • You forgot to Delete This

  • I have the pin and it's on my lanyard id for school and I have to wear my id at school all times I can't take it off I have to wear it during lunch and break thank you so much for the pin! I love it your coming with me to my school everyday and week now love ya dude

  • Why is nobody mentioning how Adam snuck into Felix’s room?

  • Who’s 2019? Like if so

  • that legandary room

  • The intro part is the background of Pewdiepie’s background

  • He felt cute :3

  • Adem try makeing sokpapit

  • a frickin year later and he still hasnt deleted it

  • hmm Felt cute might delete later... *11 months ago* So nearly a year ago

  • Might

  • Man that reference funny (who else gets it)

  • Is mark uour brother

  • i bought the Potassium my dude shirt and i love it

  • io quierooooo

  • I'mma buy them when I grow up (if it's still there) I can't buy it because my parents won't let meh

  • I would love the hat but its not on the site enymore☹

  • Mmmmmm col 👌👌

  • Pis- Pins NOT what the first thing was

  • Too bad I don't have a credit card :"""""""v I will have to make my own merchandise xd

  • Put some devil horns on the Hat

  • I’m am praying that my mom will by me a common sense hoodie

  • 9 months from now, the vid is still here lmao

  • I am going to curl up into a ball and die now the hoodie is 40 dollars T^T

  • ;3

  • Is that James in a wig orrrrrrrr am I just dumb and say that's his sis ;-; If your his sis I'm so sorry

  • Make a viewer shirt

  • where can i get some money-

  • Oooooooo YAAAYYY

  • *Waits intensely for the next $40 I get

  • 0:41 aSmR

  • I have one

  • It’s 2019 Adam It’s time to delete this video

  • And we even got FRICKIN STICKERS

  • =>

  • Im wearing his merch right now

  • I just realized something It's says *POTASSIUM SUCKS!* 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Goes on the merch site with no money BUG MISTAKE oof