Had to be there moments suck

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Had to be there moments are the FRICKIN worst. Lemme esplain.
Also.....promple domp womple thrope
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  • my birthday is december 16

  • One time I was turning in aa test for school, and the kid in front of me got a high five from the teacher, so when I turned in my test, I put up my hand, and there was an awful 5 seconds where the teacher and I just looked at each other, and then she gave me a high five, but it was fricking awkward as heck...

  • You had to be there

  • 1.you

  • I think chihuahuas are adorable

  • I've seen the video worst crush ever did you actually kiss her

  • 3:47 feels like a had to be there mo like WHAT THE HECK MAN! Y

  • let me explain.............LET ME EXPLAIN STUDIOS??????????????????????

  • 🔥💧

  • The odd 1s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When something funny happened I was trying to tell my friends it and when I start talking and halfway there it is not funny and we just stand there *awkward*

  • Had to be there

  • And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!

  • Had to be there moments make the best memes , tho.

  • This video was uploaded oh my god

  • WAIT a second, that was JAMES speaking at the end of the video? I couldn’t tell the difference!!!!!!! 🤯

  • I can't get the image of the last 3 seconds of the video out of my head!

  • Click this 2:10

  • Did someone get the joke at the end?

  • Had to be there=blue balls of story telling

  • I always have to laugh when people r totally unfunny.

  • You should have 99999999999 million subscribers

  • When my friends are laughing I just start laughing too to fit in then they look at me like I’m FRICKING STUPID! >:(

  • There was this one time I was at the gym and this one guy came up tp me.

  • ALL THE TIME! Like one time... Our school was having a dance thing,and it was Halloween, and I was dressed up as a fox, and I said wouldn't be going, I dont dance, and they said why, and I said because foxes have two left feet. IT WAS FUNNY AT THE TIME I SWEAR

  • James just did an impression of Adam doing an impression of James... nice

  • The way you say Chihuahua bothers me 😂

  • One time in this monopoly game... oh u had to be- NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • One time there was this guy holding his hand out, so I thought that he wanted a high five, so I gave him one, then realized he held his hand out to shake the person standing next to me, their hand.

  • This video had to be there :-) Pls like 1like is my record.

  • Just to comment about 2:21 i hate high fives so dont take it as a grudge when I leave you hanging.

  • I agree I about that

  • Once, I was in my house, watching Somethingelseyt, when I heard footsteps coming from the basement.. i heard mumbling, but It was really creepy, I walked to the door, and reached for the handle- Oh, sorry, you had to be there!

  • This is literally my friends and I. Everytime I miss something really big, I ask them what happened but they never tell me

  • Some one explain to me why the last minute was just gifs

  • You know there was this time my friend was telling me this story but you had to be there

  • 3:47

  • 1:32 in and I finally understand what you mean by had to be there lol

  • Hey one day you know you had to be there

  • I really like James he's funny.

  • 1.you


  • I would tell you y they suck but,........ u had to be there

  • Adam is GAAAAY

    • No Offence to you Adam

  • Adam i- you had to be there.

  • YOU DIDNT INVITE ME YOU... FROMPLE... Domple.... t-tromple?

  • me: telling my friend about a time I was explaining why "Had to be there" moments suck to another friend **randomly stops in the middle** Friend: why'd ya stop me: You had to be there

  • One time .... ya had to be there

  • Don't you hate it when someone is going to tell you something probably mind blowing and go never mind and your just like tell me pls and they don't and just walk away I hate it I can't stand when that happens I could have known the secret to immortality but the nope never mind

  • Captions: something else *whitey's*

  • Is the odd 1s out ur friend

  • There is worse Bad joke WITH PEOPLE DIEING

  • James isn’t that bad at your voice lol he just can’t get your EXaCT voice

  • Why don't you ever talk about Rebecca from let me explain studios?(if you ever do a Q and A) oh and also are you guys still friends?

  • I agree with you. My friends went over to each others houses over the summer and didn't invite me, so they had a lot of stories and they would say "you had be there" whenever they would say something weird and i asked about. You had to be there moments ruined my friendship.

  • Please uploadddddddddd

  • So one day, my friend told me to- Know what, *you had to be there*

  • Atleast when my friends tell me a had to be there story they finish it and it's more like "I know it's funny but it was funnier if you were there"

  • Promple domp womple thrope

  • Reeeeeeeeeee