Rip Offs

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Being called a rip off sucks. Here's why calling a person a clone is dumb
Thanks to Jaiden and james for being in this:

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  • I think I want to remake this video. Feel like this video is being used as an excuse not to break formats or try new things with an already existing format. Need to also come from a better perspective of having you're stuff ripped off. Have a better understanding of both sides. If you see this I still agree with alot I say in this vid... 20 year old me. But... I think I can do a better job explaining my feelings towards the matter

    • Nuke

    • K

    • U R NOT A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😠😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😡😡😠😠😠😡😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • @Yeet RainbowPro Yeah sounds great!!!! I got first comment yee!

    • Hi

  • Yes I have a really really small Chanel and I hate when people hate dam ... fuck ... shit

  • Jaiden: *pushes Adam* Adam: ahhh James: ugh fine ill do it jeez

  • I watch a lot of animators on IDvideos but I never came across them as rip offs

  • you kind of stuttered in the beginning of the video

  • Hi your content is cool

  • Guy: HA this dud is a rip- Me:slaps* Guy: OW WTF!?- Me: shhhhhhhhhhhh.... Me:shut da duck up

  • You actually inspire me to do dumb but funny things and you James and Jaiden make me want to make animations

  • I enjoy your type of people.

  • Ur NOT an odd1sout/jaiden animation/Timtom/Domics clone,u are U

  • were all rip offs of Adam and Eve.

  • ⚫ 🍎🍏 Black circle:hmmmmmmmmm hey! That green apple is copying the red one! Rip off! Mean while....... 🍎🍎 The apples:wha- wait why wwhatatagshubby7gb7gygc7yfsw7ygdwyd ⚫=😋 Black circle: yep yes the green is WRONGUHUBEXWHHUHUEDBUDBY8

  • I still love you(no homo)

  • I just realized I didn't subscribe yet ._.

  • rip off

  • Rip off

  • I watch Jaiden animations,odd1sout,SomethingElseYT,tabbes, pantsless pajamas,illymation,Tim Tom,let me explain studios,it’s Alex Clark,domics,draw with jazza I also like brew stew

  • U r my favorite IDvideosr and not a rip off!!!(◠‿◕)

  • What's the game at 3:03?

  • He’s not a rip off or a copier

  • I like your rip offs

  • turtle

  • Your not a rip oof at all

  • I Love ur insagram

  • Are twins just the mom copy and pasting the other twin

  • im watching this when he has 3 mil sub

  • I💗 u and ur vids

  • *looks at the misdrawn hand* me: what the frog is that hand

  • I didn’t see somethingelseYT as a rip off, I saw him as a part of the community!


  • Markiplier "is not SomethingElseYT"

  • I would like to see the animation comunitys version of the hunger games animatade

  • ( . Y . )

  • adam: we hit 200k subscribers! Also adam: *hits 3mil subscribers*


  • The odd 1s out ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  • I heard David say Aww srsly

  • Like how u put not somethingelse on markipliers shirt b/c you sound and look like him lol

  • Yes morgz and Mr beast are DEFINITELY not rip offs of each other

  • Noice

  • I have been watching SomeThingElseYT for like for like 3 weeks and I almost watch all his videos and I seen him work hard making these awesome animations and I don't think he is a rip off to me and I talk to all my friends at school about his videos and they love the story's he told, also I tell people to watch his videos in roblox and still at school, I love his vids and he has made me want to be a animator, he makes me laugh all the time when I watch his vids, he is not a rip off he is proud of what he makes and I am too. I just don't want anyone to call him a rip off cause it makes me sad and maybe others subscribed to him. And just something random I'm making something else YT stickers to put on a hydro flask. I just want Adam to be happy and all the people watching his vids to be happy and be proud for what he makes for you. You guys help him make his vids and he wants to share more story's with you. So just be happy and don't think he is a rip off cause he is not. Hope you guys think different and not call him a rip off. And Adam you help me though when I was alone like my friend Hailey aka ham is moving and I won't have that much friends in middle school. So thx if you read this and don't forget to subscribe to Adam aka SomeThingElseYT. :3

  • ah yes, the beautiful art of not being a dumb

  • Look I’m only here cus u and James shared a rice cake jaiden should do some rice cakes but like non Asian rice

  • Your at 2.94 million subs now

  • Rip off XD

  • keep going do not give up

  • I Want to start An Animation channel with a character named Alpha, She is a Demon. But I feel like Everyone would say I’m riping off I just gonna change my charater

  • I hear music

  • Pause your vid and press on my time right here--->0:06

  • did just Jaiden kill adam

  • Fliiiiiiiiiiiiip

  • it's like saying working at McDonald's aND takind the orders are full rip offs

  • Rip Off lol

  • U cLoNe Of Me CuZ i AlIvE aNd U aRe AlIvE lIkE mE u ClOnE!

  • So your saying that people think that some gacha tubers on youtube ARE COPYCATS

  • Oh so that's what rip off means but still your a rip off ... jk I subscribed and hit the bell and your the best,Adam(•_•)

  • I watch the odd1sout ,Jaden animations ,something else yet, TimTom , it’s Alex Clark and sovwve and no person is a rip-off I love all the vids thn

  • There’s a huge difference between rip-off and inspiration. Like you, James, and Jaiden inspired me to do animation on IDvideos *(granted, I’m only doing speedpaints until I get a better software)* and I’m kinda prepared for the rip-off comments.

  • u r good boi

  • I am a rip off of a rip off jk