Barcelona vs Celta Vigo Reaction!!

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Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 2-2 - All Goals & Highlights 02/12/2017 HD
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  • Messi🐐👑

  • Tonto

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  • I said it before and I hope I don't hv to say it again..Pls react to sergio busquets videos on Asem Pep

  • Pls react to Pele. The burth of legend movie trailer

  • Love the smile on her face when Messi scores ❤️

  • it was offside but Suarez and Messi still couldn't score after could they cause they're shit and the leagues shit

    • BCFC 2011JAY it wasnt offside lol

    • BCFC 2011JAY it wasn’t offside tf are you talking about?

    • Just to clarify, it wasn't offside. BCFC is a known clown.

    • BCFC 2011JAY go watch football, your embarrassing yourself😂

  • Ur gf have awesome voice 😂

  • last time I checked you were American not Spanish so Barcelona are not your team

    • BCFC 2011JAY what is your problem? Seems to me you are a bit odd in the head to think; you MUST support the team on their home town or CANT support one that is not in your home town. I even spoken to people that don't support their home team for X reasons. Any sport goes beyond just your place of birth, yes it's has a big part to do with it but what you said is foolish. What is a ANY sports club with no fans...?

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  • his name is Ray Hudson, the commentator you can actually react to "Lionel Messi ray Hudson's favorite"

  • you missed a lot of moments. next time find a long video to react. barca played really well but unfortunately we had to settle with a draw

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  • Don't forget about Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao

  • I feel yall 2 goals in 2 games is madness. Costing us 4 points in total, I am honestly concerned with Valencia closing the gap to 2 points tomorrow.

    • Omg yes it great news, I only watched the first half of the game before going out. Next thing I saw was Getafe had won, I was fucking relief and amaze. Have to give credit to Getafe to pull such an amazing result with 10 v 11 for 70 minutes of play. ( yes it's true Getafe at home are very difficult any top team need to be wary of that).

    • Nah they took that L

    • Gustavo Rodriguez it’s a good thing they lost today

  • Ok I love your reactions but this is a horrible video for this game. This was the best game of barcelonas season despite the draw. It was nonstop back and forth action all game long and the wizardry was circa 2011. Every time Barça touched it they were magical especially first half. This vid shows nothing.

  • Barca did get robbed. Again

  • The commentators name is Roy Hudson and you should react to Arsenal vs Manchester United. United is the team to watch. Next week as well vs Manchester City

  • Barça have now lost 4 points in 2 games in a week because of disgraceful officiating 😡! The first 2 points we lost were against Valencia when we drew, but should've won, because Messi's goal was wrongly disallowed when it #CLEARLY crossed the fucking line! And the other 2 points we've lost were yesterday against Celta Vigo, when Suarez's goal was disallowed because he was apparently offside when he was inside by a fucking mile! This's fucking disgusting!!!!!!!!

  • The commentators name is Roy Hudson

  • Barca definitely should've won. They also had a handful of other rather good chances that they didn't show in these highlights.


  • Barcelona was robbed twice in two weeks. La liga referees are the worst since dinosaurs played football.

    • lol it's madrid who always play the victim when they robbed everything over the past 2 seasons while barcelona were obviously robbed in 2 straight games in la liga so yes they are the victim & for sure it's not their fault.

    • Always the victim, its never your fault.

  • Stop watching shit games in la ligaa and start watching the premier league highlights its far more exciting

    • Anyone who loves football knows that was a great match. It might not be as exciting as a PL game, but football is interesting in many ways. Those who say the only football worth watching is the PL, don't really appreciate this sport.

    • David Adejumo Obasa There is nothing more boring than watching the mediocre headless chickens of premier league run around. Except for the genius Gurdiola's Manchester City, the English teams are just technically inferior.

    • They where watching it before they became fans .. la ligaa is good but not exciting guys

    • David Adejumo Obasa I don’t see nothing boring about laliga Barca played a good match the video didn’t show it

    • David Adejumo Obasa it’s their favorite teams that’s why they watch it so much

  • Ray hudson is the commentators name

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