Barcelona vs Celta Vigo, La Liga 19/20 - MATCH PREVIEW

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Barça's failure to win in their past two games has ramped up the pressure ahead of Celta Vigo's visit to the Camp Nou on Saturday evening. Can Lionel Messi & co register a win before the international break? Let's find out...


  • It can be 8-0 withou Valverde

  • I want pep for messis last few years...

  • Go fuck yourself

  • It’s ok to think that Pique shouldn’t start every game, but why are we threatening and hating on the guy. He’s a club legend and arguably our 2nd best CB of all time. He’s been in the club his whole life. Please show some respect

  • Love you videos bro i watch every single one, gotta say I got a good laugh at your last line that Valverde’s time may be coming to a “premature” end 😂 i could taste the sarcasm lmao

    • Haha thanks man, you read that perfectly 😉

  • Valverde actually doesn’t have any guts to try something new, try a different strategy, he always goes with the same line up and same strategy week in week out.

  • You're right to give-up guessing, but too much optimistic to keep expecting anything logical from Valverde. The guy is either completely irrational or has an agenda: destroying the barça blueprint...

  • I just watched part of Valencia vs Granada. Now I'm watching Real Madrid vs Eibar. Seriously Granada plays better football than Barca atm. And they lost 2-0! Real Madrid is 3-0 up after 30 minutes and it's a pleasure to watch.

  • Valverde's Barca will lose

  • Bartomeu just said Valverde is the ideal manager at Barça. We are doomed.

  • I'd accept three games lost as long as Valverde is gone. Don't you guys think Xavi should come now since it cannot get any worse than now, I'm sure he'd improve our game style, and so do better than Valverde?

  • Do you think barca is complete as a team. I'M asking this question coz I don't think barca is. Well barca does not have the replacements for the wingers and the main problem is,well me is that our coach valverde is using griezmann as a winger and that is not at all good.i think what r your thoughts about this????

  • Bartomeu - “This season we have brought young players who must help us overcome these stages. We believe that Valverde is the ideal coach to lead this combination of a generation of players of a certain age who have been so successful with that of players promising.” “It is important to create this link, this union, to form a new team and this new group that will take Barça forward. And Valverde has this ability.” The most disappointing and disturbing words any barca fan could ever hear 😞😞😐 Stop saying #ValverdeOut Use this #FCBarcelonaIsCorrupt This club has become corrupted from the inside.

  • Lost

  • Griezmann and Dembele will be waste of money

  • Fall of Barcelona

  • Me just here to watch my favourite channel. You hard work are really appreciated Jamie👌👌👌

  • #valverdeout

  • Pique was never good, always mistakes clumsy mistakes

  • busquets also

  • If we lose the next 5 games straight , surely Valverde will be gone right?

  • If griezmann starts I will think we will have a good performance because Suarez is injured unless valverde rushes him

  • can valverde drop pique???

  • At least United, every time they want to ruin their coach and throw him away,they lose a game and he s gone... You can't even do this hahaha

  • I pray we do well. I agree griezman should play in the Centre but I think that too Valverde doesn't have the spine to do. Suarez is not yet ready so why rush him back? He's not a pup anymore.

  • Todibo and umtiti

  • Another performance truth me.

  • Piqué's almost always horrible. He's often been saved by the other center back (Puyol or Umtiti doesn't matter), the guy has 3-4 great matches per season but for the rest it's not Barça worthy.

  • Now u r being soooo unfair. Messi would have 100% passed the ball to Neymar or Suarez on that situation. Messi is the sole of Barca, but u can't go blinded eye on that particular moment of the game. I strongly mean that almost everyone is ignoring greizman which is damaging the team spirit in the long run. They must play as a team not as selfish as that moment. My point!

  • Suarez is in the lineup even though he just came back from injury

  • Valverde should put umtiti and todibo or langlet not pique and griezman should be chances to play in the center he is really good in that area more than Suarez I respect suerez but griezman still young and very mobile which Suarez is not that but he is still lethal in front of goals

  • Very stupid to say messi should not have passed...proves it's all about him thts why real teams that work together like Liverpool nd Roma knocked barca out

  • I realy want barca to loose so that motherfucking valverde go to hell and i am barca fan till i die

  • Valverde need to get sacked

  • Where are you going? Me: #Talkfcb just just dropped another video and I don’t wanna miss this one ☝️

  • Just play todibo or he wont improve

  • An not even motivated to watch Barcelona games now this beautiful club destroying by this fuck peoples fanculo😡

  • Barcelona under valvarde is like a team who will win a match and will forget the previous defeat. FCB can't grow under valvarde.

  • Valverde has broken jamie

  • PK should concentrate more on fotball and he's games then money making companys.

  • If we have a good brave coach then todibo will be the perfect replacement of pique

  • The only way to get valverde sacked is to get messi to threaten barca by leaving if they don't sack valverde and as we all know they will choose messi over valverde.

  • Well said on all fronts.

  • If we lose this one can we expect someone to get sacked in the morning?

  • Who do you think should replace valverde??

  • I went v Seville and the performance was good even though it could of been different if Seville took there chances in the first 20 minutes. Hoping not just for three points today but I better performance than of late. I say 4-0 Barca v celta. Valverde still needs to go

  • You make my day with your videos thank you so much we appreciate you

  • I want us to lose

  • I expect a good game but see we should understand that we are going through a little bit bad phase and I think valverde will use the messi grizzi and dembouz. I'm really looking forward to how our defence handles the opponents and how our midfield operates .vamos barca

  • I want Celta Vigo to trash us if that makes the stupid board to sack Valverde. It's still early to win all the trophies if we get him sacked. But if he stays i prefer to go trophy-less this season than watching boring Barcelona while my heart is so close to stop.

  • I think the problem with messi is that we expect him to always pass to striker whenever they are free. Messi is humble, but he also have an ego, that's just human things no matter how humble the person is

  • You making excuses for Messi for not passing it is utterly ridiculous and if you are trying to defend him not passing that ball you have no business having a channel commenting on football at all. The fact stands that if it were a Ney or Suarez there he would have released that ball. Especially if they were low on confidence as Griezmann is so he could give them a chance to score. Messi is the best in the world but that does not excuse selfish play, and you trying to justify it makes you look like an idiot for one, and a complete bias asshole. You sit on the fence and when the rest start saying something you chime in. At the start of the previous season you where defending Valverde and blowing smoke up his ass, now you're calling for his head. If you really knew what you were talking about you would've seen this coming after his first season, as I mentioned on all your videos back then.

  • Oh yes I get it... it’s never Messi’s Fault...


  • Messi hat trick Barcelona lose by 7:3

  • #valverdeout


  • #ValverdeOut

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Valverde: "It is what it is"

  • Barcelona shud start a Barcelona fan tv