The Day I Got Arrested

Dipublikasikan tanggal 29 Jan 2017
Yup I got arrested once. When you have stupid friends you are most certain to come across stupid situations. Here's my story :|
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  • 2020


  • Oh no

  • Plus the cop would also be racist for blaming you just because you mexican

  • Shoe is stupid

  • I like your fides

  • same thing in elementary except the spray paint

  • Atleast you didn't go to jail?

  • I mean cop

  • Fuck that coo

  • Yall didnt shake the can?😂

  • The moral of the story The law sucks

  • once my brother went to a place, dialed 911 on the payphone, and told them he robbed a bank and hung up. He didn't rob a bank. May I remind you he was 4

  • Damn you give no crap

  • Hi

  • Wow

  • Then look at bobs face

  • Go to 1:40 and play play it at 0.25

  • Shoe is an asshole

  • Stupid why didn’t ya tell them that it was ya friends fault because he sprayed it!!!!!!!!!!!! Dat friend was kinda rude because he did not tell the police dat he did the case that he sprayed the spray paint because he sprayed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😠

  • When I saw this vid I’m like wa wa!!!! Your got sent ta jail!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1:16 Adam: I LIKE HER Shoe: I LIKE HER Adam: I LIKE HER Shoe: I LIKE HER Adam: F#&* YOU Shoe’s mind: Who the hell am I friends with..

  • I would choosed her after all of that its like a compenastion

  • If you were sentenced to community service that means you didnt beat the charges fam. However you were a kid how tf they gonna put you in the court system? Coulda fucked up your path in life at such an early age. Glad it didnt bud. That cop sounds like a real piece of shit not gonna lie😬💯

  • Those cops are RACIST because mexiains are people too

  • 1:43 The face on bob XD

  • I was thinking... *This guy murdered 42375 kids*

  • Dude you need a macer

  • Soo that’s why your a demon

  • Me and my boyfriend don’t count?!😭 Wait no! We’re in high school now HA HA I win world!!........ I’m an idiot! Hahaha...ha....ha........😔

  • moral of the story is not to cover up somthing that you didnt do and if you do try to cover it p get the popo to search the city for your mum

  • This is why he really got arrested He’s not wearing the somethingelseYT hoodie!

  • I got married in 2nd grade....

  • Rest In Peace end card

  • That’s wrong! You were the one who was blamed! And your “friend” got off scot free!

  • That sucked

  • Your Mexican!!!!!!!???????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • awww I'm sorry that the Po po is stupid

  • tell not tony sorry

  • Tony her real name

  • Adam how could you get arrested why why

  • broh tf happnin at 1:43?

  • Dude allways is the fault of the (sorry if I offend you) darker skinned kid the white kids are the only angels but they’re the entitled ones I say this but I’m actually white:/

  • This reminds me of how I almost got arrested last summer and I'm only 13

  • 1:20

  • 1:21

  • I:21


  • huh you drank..... JUICE! WHAT ABOUT CHOCY MILK!?

  • From all that...don't you think that MAYBE you are actually adopted? Don't take it seriously i'm just saying my thoughts.

  • Adam I like her Shoe I like her Adam I like her Shoe i like her Adam fuck you

  • Hola adam

  • I like her I like her I like her...f@#% you XD

  • So basically this is what I learned from this video if you're white you can get away with anything

  • Check out my story of getting arrested

  • Shoe said that shoe lives there

  • I like her. I like her I like her f*** you shoe you f***head Adam likes when bob rejects him 😨😭

  • i am mexican-american to

  • Adam damn you gta is the game I hate the most