Music Is Awesome

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I really enjoy making music and just messing around with it. So here is how I got into that stuff. ok bey.
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Song used: Tomppabeats Cigs n Loops



  • 😡 u offended a trombon(er) from middle skool


  • This video made me wanna subscribe to you twice and also inspired me to continue on with music iI have also been in and out with music just like you and after watching this you made me realize music is something very important for me and I'll never drop it again.

  • WOW!! If you knew the rest of the song then you would’ve been able to be on America’s got talent

  • Adam wont see this this video is old but me and him have a lot more than I thought in common and me being in high school he has kept me going on what i want to be when i get out of school either and animator like him or musician

  • You’re not nothing for something else

  • Ok I fvcking love u now. U LIKE ED SHEERANS MUSIC

  • When he said I’m something els I was like wait isn’t that from ur song “I’m something els”

  • 4

  • 3

  • 2

  • 1


  • 0:48 that face tho...

  • I love guitar

  • I wanna play the guitar too.

  • God you should make a band with Jaiden

  • Your really good on guitar, and with the singing. It sounded great!

  • What about Lucy in the sky

  • I loved The Beatles still like some songs

  • I make music with things that don't make music easily

  • I can play piano!

  • 8:11 Has the fricken voice of an Angel. If IDvideos doesn't work out then, become a singer. Just warms my heart. Hopefully you make more covers ☺️

  • I have a Ukelele

  • I agree

  • I’m thinking of animating

  • 0:43 Adam... it needs to be PLEASING to the ear.

  • i can KINDOF play Black horse and a Cherry tree...

  • 2020?

  • Anyone else notice the subtle lisp after seeing the jaw surgery video

  • The Beatles SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • U have an amazing voice!!! U should on on AGT or something! Love u

  • I play the trumpet :3

  • 7:28 "Not only am I something, I'm SomethingElse" Ahh, now I know the origin of some lines in Adam's song "I'm Something Else".

  • I play guitar and wanting to learn piano and drums. love your videos man 🎸😁

  • most 12 year olds like rap. I FRIKIN LOVE THE BEETLES

  • Don’t listen to your devil that’s what let me explain studios says

  • Everyone who play guitar, the first song you learned was PROBABLY wonderwall.

  • So that's where u got ur song idea

  • I can’t find his snap :((

  • Rebecca sings, Adam on guitar, Jaiden on the piano, and James for memes. Who's with me??

  • Hmmmmm the Beatles I like them a lot I play guitar and the funny thing is I’m in a Beatles shirt and the first band I like and was introduced to was motlëy Crüe and I expanded all my genres I like grunge punk rock and roll and hard rock and stuff ye

  • Ew the Beatles suck, Queen and many other bands are better

  • Adam - common sense James - life is fun

  • You should rap logic 44 more

  • i love music this christmas i got a guitar and i love it im starting a band im lead guitarist ac/dc is my favrit band they incerijed me

  • I want a guitar

  • I understand how his doubts stopped him from trying hard at things because I have a similar problem I'm lazy but not because I don't try it's because if I fail I can always tell myself I could have done better but when you try your best and still fail you can't come up with an excuse other than your not enough

  • What's the easiest note u can play on acoustic guitar?

  • 8:41

  • Hose in 2020

  • 8:11 awesome singing 😎 (I forget some things too) Or should I say, SomeThingElse(YT) 7:31

  • yaeh

  • Wheres bagel man? :(

  • WHO LIKES JOHN MAYER? I have his guitar


  • You are a really good singer Also I love the begining when you showed us how to make music because it just killed me 😂

  • DANG ADAM! you have an amazing singing voice so follow your dreams and let NOBODY put you down with that said have a good day or night

  • it good its super doper good im not that good i suck at music but i love it