The Ocean and Why Orcas Terrify Me

Dipublikasikan tanggal 18 Jan 2017
Disclaimer: Dont take this video too seriously. Just having some
Hey everyone hope you enjoy my thoughts on the ocean and my side tangent of why Orcas derive from hell itself :D
Also...pipple dop cromble norps
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  • Im terrified of the ocean..............

  • Adam its octapi

  • A fun but scary fact about orcas: A grey whale mother and calf were stopped by a pack of orcas. The orcas managed to separate the calf fro. Its mother, block the mother to access the calf then eat the calf as the female watched them eat it. They are cunning, fascinating and know for this kind of behavior hence their nickname wolves of the sea

  • ““I have I heard of pyrosomes””

  • I'm in my bed 😴

  • I’m afraid of butterflies… Just whatch the mlp creepypasta butterflies

  • About 40 seconds in "It's so cute I want to dieeeeee" well I do to but not for that reason. I am not okay

  • I was ripped out 25 in the sea from the rip tide

  • He says "freak" in every freaking sentence!

  • Adam don't worry you'll just scared as me I hate the ocean on because they the dragon I hate basically everything

  • Did u know that orcas have never attacked humans in the wild

  • Orcas are adorable owo" They're like me-

  • That's a thicc shark you have there

  • I watched a video

  • Adam x James

  • How did you know I was on the toilet, Adam...

  • Lol

  • Killer whales also like killing themselves (suicide)

  • They don't eat humans

  • They only eat sharks alot

  • Cool $$ 😎😎😎😎😎🤠you r 🏅 and me🥉

  • Who else is watching this is 2023

  • I don’t like the ocean because that’s wear all sea animals use the restroom

  • They do that with penguins to

  • I'm actually lying in bed

  • I’m 9 and I saw a shark when I was snorkeling

  • Hey just so you know there are orcas in maireen land and they darn kill peaple

  • Not gonna lie - I was just in the bathroom while he said “while sitting on the toilet”

  • 1:37 Who else was actually on the toilet? Just me? Ok...

  • I’m actually sitting on the toilet

  • Fun fact: the scientific name for the orca originates from the Roman God of death, ruler of the underworld and punisher of broken promises. Soooooo, yeeeeeaah.

    • @silver & goldnyan still very scary indeed

    • Orcus is only the god of broken promises, but it’s still pretty scary that they’re name after a god that laughs happily at the screams of wicked being punished...

  • I love your videos and animating skills and you are so funny😄😄

  • Who else is just terrified of the sight of an orca 😂

  • 3:15 Adam that is a Monkfish

  • Of the cp3s

  • "All captive adult male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins, likely because they have no space in which to swim freely and are fed an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish. SeaWorld claims that this condition is common-however, in the wild, it rarely ever happens and is a sign of an injured or unhealthy orca." so ya we humans... SUCK

  • I've always been scared of orcas even though I know they probably wouldn't hurt me.

  • I actually just finished the bathroom

  • I'm scared of the ocean to!


  • There is a documentary called blackfish where one whale killed 7 people Just want to say that I watched it in third grade too

  • 🦑

  • 🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑

  • It’s Octopi 🐙

  • In second grade we had to read A to Z Mysteries: Operation Orca... let’s just say that book scared THE LIVING FRICK out of me. I could 100% relate to this video. Btw I reread the first couple chapters of that book and I have no idea why I was so scared. That book was the epitome of stupid. Also Gang Orca from My Hero Academia doesn’t help this fear.

  • 0:43 hey thanks for the shoutout man

  • I am a SQUID

  • Ah yes

  • When I went on my cruise ship there is no big waves but be prepared to get sea sick


  • I have Aqua phobia and I have the phobia of dark waters and I hate!! It (I meant the phobia of the sea 😂)

  • Omg I'm sitting on toilet

  • Hello,shark kills orcas

  • I actually was sitting on the toilet during the video.

  • his worst fear is baby ora giant wave monster attacking tokyo

  • I like orcas

  • Orcos done harm humans

  • The plural for octopus is octopidies

  • *inhales* So this one time I almost drowned because of waves pushing me underwater at the age of 5. Also it was in Florida Oof

  • What scares me in the ocean Dead bodys