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Ian finds a REAL Death Note, will he use his newfound powers for good or evil?
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  • I was watching this video with my dad and what it says at the end of : the books are bad best plays vidio games Well he got up came out, came back with a video game and I From now on you'll follow that advice :v

  • Why not in german?

  • i miss this smosh

  • Why does it have more views than the subscribers

    • Because you can watch it multiple times and it will count as another person and not everyone subs to them for viewing it.

  • Yeah if I had a death note I’d be dead if five seconds

  • Reminds me of my friend Ryan Ryan just like Peter Peter.

  • Write my nameleland

  • Caden

  • this is cool

  • Here my name Ian

  • I remember watching this as a kid back in the early 2010, and now after a decade of reading the manga I can really appreciate this skit

  • Do draw on ridiculous they're on right now

  • Why didn’t Anthony revive Peter?

  • This is so nostalgic :(

  • This better then netflix

  • My full name Sayok Rai Kulung Boko

  • 3:08 THE DANGER

  • The old switcheroo

  • Voldemort is from Harry Potter He isn't real

  • Voldemort is from Harry Potter He isn't real

  • I love anime like death note and I know the characters like light and Matsudda and L and his DAD

  • Imagine being Hansel Thepedo

  • Lol

  • 4:31 Voldemort ^^ 😅😂

  • Ian could’ve killed his mom if he wrote *Ians mom*

  • IDvideos recommendation 😂

  • I thought he would really kill his mom ;-;

  • 2020

  • I miss ian and antony also the food battles 😭😔

  • 1:54, Can anybody explain that? Thank you

  • ian problably wrote t series tbh

  • What happens if you wrote Satan's name in the death note or maybe all devil's???

  • Books are dangerous? good thing that i dont read books

  • Plot twist: his "mom" was actually a shinigami

    • How do you know?

  • Me: finds book Also me: writes my name to see if it works

  • They just wasted paper

  • nice movie

  • Charlie Jackson

  • I'm still here watching the old times

  • Is that your real mom and if so than what actually IS her real name?

  • My full name is Hein Lin Oo

  • Jeremiah trawick

  • Me: *Finds Death Note* Also Me: *Writes My Name* Like If You Will Do That Too

  • Esto es mejor que la película de netflix viejo

  • What about the shinigami

  • I saw this before watching the anime, so the whole time I was watching it, I thought there was actually a Life Note and I kept wondering why they never showed it. 🤦‍♂️😂

  • That L ost

  • a funny vid u got there smosh, NOICE !

  • I got to say ian has a cool mom

  • No

  • I will show my mom this video why I don’t want to read books

  • xdee

  • Ok boomer

  • მაი მალე ის მოგიტყან კარგისტრაკი შე ყლეო

  • Plot twist: the creepy dude was L

  • 2020????

  • I'll take a potato chip

  • Rayme matthew R lisiop

  • Back when smosh made good videos

  • Deathnote in a nutshell