Starting Youtube Drama w/ Boyinaband

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In a world where 2 youtubers decide to make fake drama into a drawing game. Play along if you want, its pretty dope. Basically the game is we come up with these fake scenarios and we have to guess what youtubers are in what drama.
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  • I need a Markiplier and Adam video where they both compete for the most announcer-like voice

  • yo its pewdiepie and you say it like pew-dee-pie

    • i said that before i heard them say it right sorry

  • Oh god u not gay

  • HAH

  • No my DAD is a full blown, goofball genius who works for an iPhone company. Jk he works as a bartender at the Latrobe country club

  • No I'm not flexin meh gold necklace just to get it stolen

  • HAHAHAHAHA oh Bob ross memes

  • No he’s not

  • “Everyone lives IDvideos drama” Me: no, I really hate it. IDvideos drama effects the individuals in each youtubers fanbase and I hate it and it can span months or years.

  • Yoooo rap colab

  • i l

  • I recommend smg4

  • Pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was that a flash of old, emo CrankThatFrank? Cause I'm down. FAMILY 👏 FRIENDLY 👏 ALTERNATIVE 👏 CONTENT 👏

  • Adam: Funny diss track drama Dave: *SO JAMES GOT SHOT*

  • Peddiepe

  • Omg Dave/Boyinaband can draw! Anyone wanna see my.. drawing... ok bai.

  • What do you think of the whole james and jaiden ship thing?

  • Heres a intro : swigity swooty somthing is fruity

  • dave is really funny

  • I knew it was Logan Paul! From the moment I saw him...

  • OMG! LOL!😂😅🤣😄😂🤣

  • Piediepei

  • Poëzieprijs

  • dave was better........................(Jk adam was better)

  • Whos pew die pee are you fudging serious

  • when im watching my sister thinks it mark

  • Wink wink

  • Dan and Phil!

  • I knew it was tomska. I met tomska a few hours ago. Cool dude.

  • Adams drawing of Tomska kinda looks like Chris from Until Dawn to me xD

  • That's a massive forehead tho.. Is that...*_SAKURA_*


  • When u said tomska i yeeted my phone .w.

  • *hI hOwS iT gOing i CaN dRaw*

  • Adam:im here with dave from boyinaband. Dave: "hi guys! I CAN DRAW!"

  • "Not really. I just yell a bunch of stuff at the beginning."

  • Imagine "Life is Fun" if Adam was in the song

  • What drawing program do u use?

  • I looked down to see when it was posted, and I saw that it was posted the 25th of October(the same date as today), and I thought that it had been posted today, then my eyes drifted a bit to the right and saw that it said 2017 instead of 2019!😂

  • Your favorite IDvideos is Markiplier

  • Filthy Frank.

  • Dan and Phil were so spot on

  • Something else yt + boyinabad = JACKSUCKSATLIFE

  • Do u know swedish?

  • lol when dave said who's the first BIGGEST youtuber you've ever met i said to myself james as a joke and he LIGIT said james

  • I remember watching this all the time on my way to work in those were happier times in general.

  • The number of people waiting for other youtubers to comment. 👇

  • I thought the Drawing at 6:30 was i hate everything roasting cool cat

  • Yanny or laurel? Mweheheh

  • Who's pew-dye-pie?

  • what drama was even going on in 2017 2019, we had James and Tati and pewdipie & Tseries

  • Me at 2:55😀

  • And apple a day keep the pee away

  • Yoo too dwama

  • So Dan is finally is on fire

  • Boyintheband: so what's your fav thing about James? Somethingelseyt: *chokes*

  • So why again did he not collab with Dave for his song

  • Boyinaband: There really is a lot of security in flexing your money and I think that a lot of people need t- Adam:HAHAHAHHEEHEHEHEHAHAHHAAHHEHEHEHHEEHRHHRHRHRHRHJHHRHHAHAHHAH

  • Me: *sees cat whiskers* Me: DAN AND PHIL!!!!