Highlights Levante UD vs FC Barcelona (3-1)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Nov 2019
Levante UD's comeback and win against FC Barcelona with goals from Campaña, Borja Mayoral and Radoja in the second half #LevanteBarça J12 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020
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  • BRAVO Levante!!!!!

  • باسلام خیلی حال کردم دمتون گرم

  • My friend: did you see barca's match Me: you mean messi's game???

  • Fuck messi

  • Rakitic and Alva please and Valvedere out please

  • Here is Messi in the game but they still lost with 2 deficit which shows CR7 is the only GOAT.

  • I really cannot believe that Ernesto Valverde STILL has a job

  • bareceloni=like madrid=commentair

  • I miss that Barcelona 11 masia player vs levante what a day 😩

  • Fuera valverde out

  • Barcelona Is The Best 🤘

  • Wow im so happy lol

  • #ValverdeOut

  • Blaming the couch like he has something to do with the fact that the players are playing poorly. They are paid millions these clowns should be playing 100% every game good coach or not

    • You dumbass it's his tactics that don't fit the team

  • 1:06 Messi’s IQ

  • #LevanteUD 🙌 👏

  • They scored by penalty only...

  • Barcelona 😂😂💩💩🖕🖕

  • check my pes2020 goals :) idvideos.infovideos?view_as=subscriber

  • The reason why Levante is always beating Barcelona without any problems is that Levante is playing with the Barcelona Kit and Barcelona is playing with a second division kit

  • VAR has put Barca out of business

  • Levante vs barcelone 5-4 2018 Levante vs barcelone 3-1 2019 Levante vs barcelone ??? 2020

  • to bo honest the senior player like messy busquet and the like are ageing. the only blame i put on ernesto is probably he does not have the guts to change the "give the ball to messi - messi to suarez". Messi and suarez is ageing the tactic wont work on faster and phsical team like lavante.

  • Ela barsa

  • idvideos.info/watch/BsThaYaasrc-video.html

  • One day Messi will retire, and mark my words - Barcelona will be average as fuck.. almost like Arsenal..

    • Flamengo meteria 10 fácil nesse Barcelona.

  • Both Madrid fans and Barcelona fans disgust me.Why must they always argue over stupid shit

  • Бля проиграли

  • Valverde out

  • Semedo OUT

  • I think your dreaming

  • Madridista was here haha

    • @Cassiebut i dont say valverde out, we love him to stay in barcelona haha

    • "Valverde out", I love how everybody thinks that will change something, Real Madrid fired 2 coaches before Zidane and are still struggling heavily, the players are to blame her

  • Gimana rasanya kalah 3-1?

  • التعليق الأجنبي يغث 🤢

    • Go study English and you will understand it don't expect everyone to understand your language

  • PlZ we do t want valverde

  • Alhamdulillah

  • One man team😔

  • Valverde out

  • Masuk goa bro 😂


  • De jong is nothing special no creativity nothing.

    • #mesqueunclub #unMeme

  • Flamengo meteria 10 fácil nesse Barcelona.

    • Brasilian league shit

  • valverde OUT

  • Why dont put Rakitic in the mach VALVERDE?

  • Rkitic>Fati

  • Very sad to see, but we can not expect to win forever....go Barça

  • Another satisfying video

  • Barcelona 😢 ꦮꦶꦨꦮꦏꦽꦠꦫꦲꦫ꧀ꦗ꧀ꦗ

  • "Valverde out", I love how everybody thinks that will change something, Real Madrid fired 2 coaches before Zidane and are still struggling heavily, the players are to blame here, bad defense and offense happens, no team is meant to stay undefeated for years on end, there are mistakes and the players learn from them.

    • it's the first step though

  • when suarez injured you choose charles perez over ansu fati what a plan

  • Wtf...

  • #Valcerde_out

  • Valverde ou please

  • Abonnez vous et partager la miff pour plus de vidéo lâchez un pouce yaura du lourd bientôt idvideos.info/watch/5-HOEK5I8qw-video.html

  • 👍

  • #mesqueunclub #unMeme

  • Can't wait to see Barcelona without Messi in it 😂

  • Barca

  • Barca need a deterrent that is working Right now they have a old Messi which every team knows doesn't work anymore Bring Neymar back now.

  • ngampas anjc

    • VanPaoli OUT ( Valverde + Sam Paoli )