My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences

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Everyone has had crazy like a taxi but not experiences amirite...These are my stories CHUN CHUN (like uhh from that show)
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Multi Animator Project(in order) ►
1 (0:03) jaydotjay:
2 (0:23) Kabloosh:
3 (0:38) ZB:
4 (0:53) 8 Bit Ultra:
5 (1:08) ThePivotsXXD:
6 (1:13) kdsketch
7 (1:30) RushLight Invader:
8 (1:41) Alex Animation Corner:
9 (1:51) Animated Carl:
10 (2:03) WhoIsTheGuy
11 (2:17) Haminations
12 (2:30) Gabroll
13 (2:42) DZY
14 (2:55) LukeOrSomething
15 (3:09) Jacadamia
16 (3:25) The Southern Bella
17 (3:36) BrodyAnimates
18 (3:51) Hexrin
19 (4:07) SugarCub
20 (4:17) BaggiBoi
21 (4:34) John Smillie
22 (4:49) Chloecanary
23 (5:05) EyeCoffee
24 (5:21) The Queen of Neckbeards
25 (5:31) FrostDrive
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Kevin McLeod


  • Had to Re-Upload because apparently the acronym for multiple animator project means uhh... Not multiple animator project anymore Q: You say you had jaw surgery, so how are you talking and how does that stop you from animating..??? A: Animation isnt done in one night. We recorded 3 months ago and started working since then. These animators gave me the opportunity to properly rest and heal (a nearly 6 month process) instead of having to animate and stress. And I appreciate them for that. (if you see people confused about reupload or anything else. Refer them to this pinned comment)

  • 2:17

  • I love how haminations animated you, he is my favourite animation youtuber

  • JAMES!!!

  • 1:30 has to be the best part


  • 0:05 lego 0:24 Kabloosh 0:38 mrpingwi 0:54 8 bit ultra 1:09 the pivotsXXD 1:13 kdsketch 1:31 rushlight invader 1:41 Alex animation corner 1:52 animadedcarl 2:05 whoistheguy 2:18 haminations 2:31 gabroll 2:43 DZY 2:55 lukeorsomthing 3:10 jacadamia 3:26 thesouthernbella 3:37 brodyanimates 3:52 hexrin 4:08 sugarcub 4:18 baggiboi 4:35 John smillie 4:49 chloecanary 5:06 eyecoffie 5:22 the queen of neckbeards 5:32 frostdrive

  • Hi

  • Something else yt : I wouldn't exactly call us famous James: *13mil subs* Am I a joke to you


  • 0:47 “I got into one of those taxi like things and I greeted with a really nice mom” The mom:HOP in sUgAR TIItS

  • I love all the animation and artwork here. everyone did a great job. But the video just doesnt feel like your other ones cuz of the artwork. I still think its awesome tho

  • Me: Link start! 0:44

  • I wish I could be in this but I didnt know you existed at the time this came out and I dont know how to animate. ;-;

  • You looked like hornet from hollow knight


  • I guess i figured out the best pickup line. Your Uber has arrived

  • Please. Never. Let others. Animate your vids. Again. (Not saying they are bad, it just doesn't have the same effect, and charm)

  • The animations were nice

  • 1:39

  • When you change title for originality the person who has the original title: FINDERS KEEPERS!!!

  • I love watching your videos there so good

  • At first i was like : how is jameson. then : OHHHH JAMES

  • I need that Lego figure.

  • I love the style changes

  • sub to baggie boi it is good

  • Haminations

  • You are weard

  • I noticed that you have ALOT of different animation

  • 1:30 he’s in the back seat 1:42 he’s in the front seat

  • 4:12 not to be wierd but that looks.....(ugh) nice


  • 1:39 LOL

  • 4:03

  • James sounds exactly like that 3:24

  • I hate thesothernbepla don’t watch him

  • Me when I see haminations: YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

  • Don't make other animators make your video please cause it changes the feel.

  • 3:33 James: >:3

  • Legit 3 of my fav animators are in this

  • A kissing cactus ITS THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!

  • 5:27 C O M M O N S H R E K

  • John smillie just made me slightly laugh and I haven't been happy ever since I've been terribly sick

  • 4:50 LENNNNNNY

  • 4:30

  • Ive managed to use my small arsenal of pens to pop a frosting bag and r now ENERGIZZGEDGGGG

  • I love how in some he looks like Markiplier

  • Lol

  • Who else ships Adam with that cactus

  • This video reminds me of the episode on Bob burgers where they included their fanart and keep switching up the art the ......difference between that and this is that drawings nn animation quality on this video is way better than the episodes of bobs burger

  • I about to whact hamination

  • No one: James: HeRe’S mY NuMbEr! Adam: James: Adam: Did you not learn anything from Walmart?!

  • 2:17 is ham

  • 5:22 LetMeExplainStudios but flying

  • isn't this kerbal space program music

  • I just realized that at 0:56 they used Moria Elizabeth(a YT)'s intro

  • I love mr pingwis animation

  • That animation It's beautiful 😢

  • Its Tight

  • I loved the Lego part :3